IAMLIMU, LIMU’s revolutionary online marketing tool and back office system, is practically on our doorstep.

In fact, it’s currently being BETA tested by a wide range of users and LIMU Members all across the nation. And, if you’re not one of them, there’s no need to fret, as we’ll be offering it to the world in no time.

The IAMLIMU site shares the LIMU story, captures visitors’ information and even follows up, every single hour of every single day, whether you’re watching it unfold or not. This system allows you to market faster, better and more efficiently than ever before. The power of social networking is yours, quite literally.

Here’s what some of our BETA users have had to say thus far.

“This site is fantastic. It’s the most user-friendly site ever. This is definitely a winner!” —  Cathy & Kenneth

“This System ROCKS!!! This site is going to make a huge difference!” — Mark K.

“This [site] is awesome. Now we can really keep tabs on one another!” — Betty L. Kuhn

“I am honored & humbled to be one of the 1st few to experience the Marketing Industry’s most advanced tool ever.” — Barb T.

“Now we can talk and check our genealogy at the same time! The video and Members joining list is just awesome, only there’s so much more! I’ll be up all night … who’s sleeping!?” — Linda W.

“I am working with a fantastic new system by the Limu Company! Wow!” — Betty L.