My husband and I are Members in Pennsylvania.  My husband started drinking LIMU because of his arthritis that developed from a bout with lime disease.  After drinking LIMU for a short time he noticed a huge difference in his hands and knees.  He convinced me to try it and I’ve been enjoying LIMU since 2005.  I noticed this spring that I’ve not had any colds, flu, or any sinus infections which is a usual part of winter.  Also the pain in my right elbow disappeared.  I had chronic pain probably due to the amount of time I spend on a computer in my job.

In November of 2005 my cat (who is feline leukemia positive) developed what the vet thought was skin cancer.  He was one day away from being put to sleep when we decided to try giving our cat LIMU.  Within weeks the large ugly area on his neck had cleared up and hair was growing back.  He put on weight and is a happy lively cat today.