Dear Challenge Participants,

The countdown is on until the end of the ‘Summer in the Sun’ 90-Day Challenge; however, we hope this does not mean the end of your fight to get your body back. Create a lifestyle of healthy eating habits and you’ll never go back. We hope you were able to join us on the call last week and have used some of the tips we gave to push toward the end. If you missed the call, no worries. You can listen to it from your computer by clicking on the ‘LIMU LEAN Challenge Call’ in your Online Office under WebMeetings. And to make it even easier, we’re including the tips in this email as well. 

1. Follow the system of two shakes a day along with the Appetite Controller.
2. Be conscious of the calories in your snacks and regular meal. If anything, strip away the “extra” and just go down to basics.
3. Watch your portions. Weigh your food if you can, but remember the rule of thumb is no more than a fist size per serving.
4. Avoid desserts and processed foods.
5. Ditch the salt and read the labels for the amount of sodium.
6. Drink a lot of water.
7. Exercise. If you’re already doing it, try to add a little more. Give your workout that extra oomph.
8. Overall, just be smart about your choices and stay healthy. 

After the Challenge ends on July 31st, don’t forget to have someone take your “after” photo and to send that, along with your weight and hip/chest/waist measurements to Feel free to add in a little note about your experience over the last 90 days. Once we receive all the submissions and tally the results, we’ll announce the winner online at LIMU NATION and Facebook. 

We wish everyone the best of luck to win the awesome prizes, but your best reward should be the achievement of the weight you’ve lost and the benefits that go with it, including better health, more energy and higher confidence. Stay connected to the system and everyone associated with the system. Plug into the weekly Support Calls and share your updates via email, the web or by phone. Know that you’re not alone at any time, no matter what you’re going through. 

Wednesday, July 21 at 7:30pm Eastern
212.990.8000, code 5566#

We can’t wait to hear from everyone after Saturday, July 31st. Stay strong and choose wisely!