Congratulations to all of our JUNE Top 10 Enrollers!

This awesome group of elite individuals signed up the most new AutoShip Members last month. And just look at the representation of our Texas Members! We are proud of all of these individuals and thank them for their part in our mission to share LIMU™ with the world … one person at a time.

1  Trinidad Escamilla, Texas
2 Tomiko Futamata, Japan
3 David Silva, Texas
4 Shannon Bowers, Louisiana
5 Leonard Hughes, California
5T Alicia Tijerina, Texas
7 Dale Strader, Virginia
8T Cindy H. & Robert Freeman, Arkansas
8T Estella Gonzalez, Texas
8T Noriaki Suzuki, Japan

Top 10 Fastest Growing Areas

Congratulations to the following areas in which the most new AutoShip Members signed up last month … and special congratulations to Japan on their placement at the top of the list!

1 Japan
2 Texas
3 Louisiana
4 Oklahoma
5T Arkansas
5T Ohio
7T California
7T Mississippi
9T Missouri
9T New Jersey
9T New York