I am sixty-seven years old. I’ve had four strokes, one heart attack, as well as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

I was cleaning a bulk milk tank when I was seventeen years old and burnt my lungs with a combination of the cleaning solvents and chlorine bleach. I had problems with my breathing after that, but as the years went by, it finally became full blown C.O.P.D. even though I had never smoked.

By the end of July, 2009, I could no longer walk fifty feet without gasping for breath and my legs felt like they wouldn’t support me. I was on oxygen almost 24/7. I was taking all kinds of breathing treatments and steroids but they weren’t doing much good. I was also taking fifteen prescription pills a day and a LOT of insulin. No one thought I would live to see another Christmas!

In August, 2009, I started drinking LIMU ORIGINAL™. After a couple of weeks I could definitely feel an improvement and have continued to improve ever since!

One year later, I am off the oxygen tank, even at night. I am not taking any breathing treatment or steroids or even allergy pills! I only take six prescriptions and 1/3 the insulin I used to. I can walk all over the place without getting tired, I’ve lost twenty pounds, and my health just keeps getting better and better!

At my last doctor’s visit, the doctor told me, “Walter, God has given you a second chance at health.”