Darrell Higgins of Alabama (200K) received a GRAND PRIZE travel package for sharing his LIMU EXPERIENCE in New Orleans. As a result, he and up to three others are going to Disney World for three days, all expenses paid! All because he shared this incredibly touching story about what LIMU ORIGINAL® did for his young son’s health. Here’s his submission:

On February 7, 2012, facing mounting debt and deep depression, I took a leap of faith and joined LIMU for the chance at some extra income. I wanted it to help my pocketbook but, at the back of my mind, I wondered if its health benefits could help Peyton, my nine-year-old son. I knew I had to let him try it.

Peyton’s health problems started with his birth. As soon as he entered this world, doctors raced him off to intensive care, not breathing. We didn’t even get to see our firstborn. This scenario continued throughout his infancy, with multiple visits to the hospital and a diagnosis of severe breathing problems. At home, we had to give him continuous breathing treatments, which left our nights full of coughing—and fear. At age four, we thought the worst had happened. Peyton had a seizure at daycare. I got the call at work, and my heart dropped. I sped to the daycare, only to see him being loaded into an ambulance. I chased the ambulance all the way to the hospital, fearing the end the entire way. When I took him home that night, I felt helpless. In the coming year, the attacks worsened. Nothing seemed to work.

Then a day came from which I thought I would never receive forgiveness or peace. In the dreary days of December 2010, Peyton had been coughing for two or three days in a row. I thought it was just another spell; we’d become used to them. I didn’t take him to the doctor or to the hospital—we couldn’t handle one more medical bill, especially at Christmas. I thought he’d get better on his own. I had gotten so cavalier about his coughing that I even carried him to basketball practice that night because we needed another man. At home, two hours later, my wife screamed in hysteria: “Peyton can’t breathe! We have to take him to the emergency room!”

As I drove him to the hospital, he fought just to get a little air into his lungs, his eyes wide with fear. I didn’t stop at the front desk; I ran straight to doctors and barely spit out the words “My son cannot breathe.” They put a breathing mask on him, stabilized him, and left us alone. I stared at him, so scared. Then, he reached over and seized my arm in a death grip. He couldn’t take a breath. This time, there was no fighting to get air. He was dying in front of me. I bolted out of the room and grabbed a doctor who raced Peyton into intensive care. The night of his birth and all the years in between played before my eyes. An hour later they came out and said, “We’ve saved him.” Because of his breathing problems, he had been susceptible to a very rare virus—epiglottis—that had squeezed his throat closed. The doctors had barely managed to insert the smallest breathing tubes they had before it completely shut.

How guilty I felt that night and the many nights that followed. I hadn’t taken him to the hospital because I worried about another bill I couldn’t pay. I could barely look at him, knowing that I had almost let him die. I didn’t know how I could make it up to him. But six months ago, when I joined LIMU, I was given the opportunity to do just that.

Since taking LIMU, Peyton has not had a cough, a sniffle, a sleepless night, nothing. How do I know his good health is due to LIMU? Unfortunately, I put it to the test. At the end of last month, I ran out of my supply—I had given away so much to friends and family, I didn’t have enough for my own brood. I thought we could wait for my AutoShip. I was wrong. At the end of the week, Peyton spent the night with his grandparents, and once again came the dreaded call to come get him. He was coughing; he was struggling to breathe. I realized then that I could never run of out my LIMU. I don’t ever want to hear those words again.

Yes, LIMU has changed my life financially—I’m a 200K; I’m the recipient of bonus checks; I’m free of financial burdens; I’m driving a BMW, paid for by LIMU; I’m a full-time teacher and coach for pleasure, not for a paycheck. LIMU has given me all of these financial blessings, but I can’t put a price tag on my son’s health or on my own absolution.

My LIMU EXPERIENCE is so much more than I can put into words. LIMU has given Peyton good health, a strong immune system and easy breathing. He’s no longer a sickly kid whom I have to force onto that basketball court—he can run the length of it ten times without pause. LIMU has given me the forgiveness and peace of mind that I couldn’t find any other way.