Newly minted 1M Members Shannon and Rachettè Pardue have always been recognized as some of the hardest working leaders in LIMU, readily admired and respected for their desire to grow, succeed and flourish at what they do.

From newlyweds living in a double wide on dreams and promises to building their plantation dream home on a sprawling 12 acres of land surrounded by hundred-year-old oak trees, their rise to the top has included helping as many as they could along the way. And, for as beautiful as their spot of Louisiana is, they’re largely on the road to elsewhere, training, motivating, celebrating others looking towards them for assistance and inspiration.

Seeing a leader achieve the rank of 500K is something of a rarity in this industry. While it’s admired and regularly yearned for, it’s only occasionally achieved. That said, seeing a distributorship achieve 1M, that’s almost never seen, period. This is a first for LIMU, yes, and many much larger companies have never seen it happen once.

Perhaps it doesn’t need saying, but here it goes regardless: this represents a lot. This means a large turning point for Shannon and Rachette Parduè, whose business now represents over $1 million in monthly sales—and growing. And, as a sure sign LIMU continues to rise, even sharply upward, we just wrote a check for the Pardues for $250,000: it’s the largest cash bonus we’ve yet awarded.

Thank you, Shannon and Rachettè, for your bravery, compassion and consistency. Thank you for leading the way, now and always.