I am Tim Holloman from the Houston, Texas area, and I am blessed to have been introduced to The LIMU Company by Mike and Simone Webster. I am a former United States Army Warrant Officer, injured on active duty and medically retired. I have tried other health and nutrition products but never received any significant benefits, because I had been in pain for the last 7 years. I would wake up every morning in pain and had to take Viactin to ease the pain and Trazodone to fall asleep at night.

I started drinking LIMU ORIGINAL along with Blu Frog on November 2, 2011 and today on November 8 I awoke for the first time in 7 years with absolutely no pain in my body, and I have slept all night for the past 5 nights. My eyes watered up in pure joy for the results I received with the LIMU products. THAT is my ultimate LIMU experience. Thank you to Mike and Simone Webster for caring enough to share The LIMU Company with me and thank you to Gary Raser for having a heart of gold and the vision to share The LIMU Company with the world. Thanks too to the incredible staff at The LIMU Company, for you are all truly blessing hundreds of thousands of lives. I know The LIMU Company will bless millions of lives worldwide. I am humbled to have shared my LIMU Experience.