Our names are Heath and Amanda Grider, and we are from Stevenson, Alabama.

We would like to thank The LIMU Company for giving us the opportunity to change our lives in just a few months. We both have some minor health issues and through the use of LIMU original, we have both been able to come off of our medications for high blood pressure, migraines, and hip pain. We can both now sleep through the night and feel rested when we get up in the morning. The Blu Frog energy drink has helped us get through our hectic work days without a crash in the end and the LIMU Lean is something we can fix up quick and take off to work with us. The product has helped us out in many ways health wise and by getting us through a busy life.
However, we would like to also share what it has done for us financially. We have a larger than normal amount of student loans. My wife’s paycheck would go solely toward student loans that were already behind and she just couldn’t get them caught up. She had maxed out deferments and forbearances. LIMU has helped us by bringing in more income and we can focus on getting them paid off. With a daughter graduating from high school this year and a son graduating in just a few more years LIMU is an answer to our financial prayers. We will have money for both of their tuitions and be able to live comfortably. We are proud to say “WE ARE LIMU”.
Thank You LIMU!
Heath and Amanda Grider