My LIMU “WHY” has evolved over the past several months to something bigger than I could have ever imagined. I began my LIMU Experience because I was desperate to find something to make me feel better. Then it grew to wanting to make my family and friends healthier and happier. Soon I realized the enormous financial gain for myself and others by becoming members of The LIMU Company.
A little over five years ago, I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. This led to a battery of tests, neurological exams and procedures which included tons of blood work, evoked potential tests, MRIs and a spinal tap. All results led to what we feared…a diagnosis of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS! Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune diseases that attacks the central nervous system. There’s no cure for this progressive, often disabling disease. MS has wide range of symptoms including loss of mobility, vision and balance. Chronic fatigue, tingling and numbness, pain, and heat sensitivity are some of the most common.
I have always been a very healthy person; good nutrition and physical activity were practiced as well as instilled in others while working as a health teacher and athletic coach. So the diagnosis of MS was very hard for me to grasp. My neurologist put me on a disease-modifying treatment, but as time passed, I continued to have more relapses and my symptoms continued to increase to the point where I was becoming more and more uncertain of my future.
I was always researching and trying different supplements hoping to find something that would help with my symptoms. I’ve heard of everything and tried almost all of it, but nothing made much of a difference in the way I was feeling. I heard of LIMU a couple of times over the past year, but was skeptical because everything else I already tried didn’t help. Something was telling me I should really check this LIMU stuff out. I researched more and prayed that night that God would help me make the right decision. He did…I ordered LIMU the very next day!
Soon after I began my LIMU Experience, I noticed I wasn’t nearly as tired. I was sleeping better than I had in eight years, no longer suffered from headaches, and was slowly getting more energy. If this was all I was to gain from LIMU, I would be happy, but over a short time, my health improvements continued. My strength and balance has improved so much that I have been able to increase the intensity of my workouts. My Neurologist was very happy with the results and gave me his approval to ride in the MS 150 which is a 2-day, 150-mile bike ride from Houston to Austin, Texas. By participating in this event I was able to raise money and awareness for MS! I was also able to share LIMU during this journey. BLU FROG got me going on those two early mornings. It fueled me during the long, strenuous ride and helped me recover when I finally crossed the finish line in Austin. I am confident in knowing that LIMU was a big factor in this accomplishment.
That’s when my LIMU experience grew to a different level. I knew if LIMU could do this for me, it absolutely could help others and I wanted to be the person to tell them about it. I have been sharing my knowledge and personal experience with LIMU to everyone I can. It is so rewarding to hear at least one person every day that I have personally shared LIMU with tell me how much better they are doing. It’s so rewarding!
The LIMU National Convention in Ft. Worth was AWESOME! It was truly inspirational to see and hear all the amazing stories. It was what I needed to BE MORE! I took everything I had learned and put it into action. I went to the Ultimate Experience Party as a 5k and finished the month at 20k! My 7 yr old twin daughters and I are having lots of good times cruising around town in our brand new BMW convertible paid for by LIMU!
I was explaining to one of my daughters last week that LIMU was kind of like a job and not just a juice we enjoy. She asked me, “how much do you make?” I told her, “I make a difference and that’s just as important as making a dollar!” I still have Multiple Sclerosis, but my symptoms are now tolerable and my dreams for a happier, healthier and wealthier future are becoming a reality! I’m so thankful Gary Raser had “unfinished business!” Thank God, thank my family, thank my team, and thank you LIMU. I am Melissa Carver and I am LIMU for LIFE!