Remember how easy it was to make friends when you were little? You’d hit the playground solo and be met with endless opportunities for future play dates and friendships … A simple, “Let’s play!” and you’d go from tossing a ball or climbing the monkey bars to the beginning stages of a lasting relationship.

Kids seem to have networking down to a simple science, and funny enough, you can successfully build your LIMU biz just by reverting back to some of the basics you learned in kindergarten!

The days of running around at recess might be over, but running a LIMU business is really just child’s play…

Everything You Need to LIMU You Learned in Kindergarten


Follow the Leader

Leaders lead by example for a reason: so that you can follow in their footsteps and experience a similar path to success! No matter where you are in your LIMU Experience, there’s a leader that’s been there before. Success leaves clues. If you need guidance or motivation, simply look to your sponsor or another leader on your team to carry you through. The great thing about the LIMU Experience is, you’re never at it alone. LIMU’s culture has cultivated a passionate team of leaders with less EGO and more WE GO — #1team1dream!

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Play Nice with Others

There’s no such thing as “being too nice” in the LIMU Experience. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. First impressions matter. Promoters are in this together, and lifting one another up is all part of the game. Spread #goodenergy and pour into people! There’s just no room for negativity or putdowns when your success partially depends on those around you. When you win, your team wins. And when your team wins, you win. It’s that simple. In LIMU, success is as contagious as a positive attitude; so make sure that yours is worth catching.


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You have something that others want. Whether it’s the positive health and wellness aspects of the LIMU product line, the financial independence or the incredible opportunity to be more across the board — you have something worth sharing with your peers. Don’t prejudge people. You never know who’s looking for a personal or professional pivot — a new adventure, an exciting lifestyle shift or a fresh entrepreneurial endeavor!

These days, so many careers are based on selfishness, greed and one-upping your fellow man. But a career with LIMU is based on inviting, sharing, lifting others up, and making lasting connections based on mutual success. So share what you have, and don’t hold back! Afterall, you know what they say about the best things in life…

Everything You Need to LIMU You Learned in Kindergarten

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Count to 3

1-2-3: That’s how many Customers you need to get into our 3-for-FREE product program, and that’s how many new LIMU Promoters with Fast Track Packs you need to sponsor to get to 2K VIP. Quick and continued success with LIMU depends on personally enrolling just three people and getting your teammates to do the same. Gary Raser says that’s the secret to success at LIMU. On top of that, from the moment you join LIMU, you have the opportunity to get the product you want for free each and every month — just by sharing LIMU with three Customers who purchase any of our ultra-premium nutritional products!


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Show and Tell

Remember the days of looking forward to “show and tell” as a kid? There was always a rush involved in sharing your favorite toy with the class. Well, your toy in LIMU is your LIMU Experience: your Why. That’s the one thing that no one can argue with. You can talk about our great products and our great Prosperity Plan, but the one thing no one can dispute is your personal Experience. In fact, your story is so important that we’ve put it at the center of the LIMU Experience — we’re the only company in the world that pays you for your own personal story at our frequent LIMU LIVE! parties and annual International Convention!

Your Why is something you can get stoked about sharing with others. By simply showing and telling WHY you’ve chosen LIMU and how it has helped you get to where you are today, you can help others change their lives too. Sharing the origins of LIMU and WHY the company exists is also extremely impactful!  


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