“How is the LIMU Experience going to help me?”

This is the first thing a prospect is going to want to know when they come to one of your parties and, because of that, it is the most important question that you’ll ever have to answer during your LIMU career. The answer, you can probably guess, is surprisingly easy.

A partnership with LIMU means plugging into our branding expertise, our proven success systems, our international footprint and mobile strategy and begin tapping into the millions of dollars we’ve invested into the business infrastructure.

We are redefining the American Dream with an innovative business solution that puts the advertising budget in your pocket. LIMU invests in YOU and provides you with all the tools you need to succeed.

So, how is the LIMU Experience going to help you? Lots of ways:

1. Ultra-Premium Products – Have three friends that would be interested in LIMU’s unique Fucoidan-rich products? Great! You’re on your way to indulging in the amazing benefits that come with a LIMU Experience. We call it 3-for-Free and what we mean is that once you add three people to your team, you can get your product for free. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-for-Free!

2. Cash Flow – LIMU gives you the chance to #BYOB — Be Your Own Boss and create success on your own terms. In fact, starting your LIMU Experience with a Fast Track Pack unlocks over $1 million in potential earnings and rewards. You can make back your money within the first week and then you’re on your way to eliminating debt, building a nest egg, or doing whatever you want with your checks! Our industry-leading Prosperity Plan is chock-full of Cash Bonuses at key pin ranks ON TOP OF regular commissions!

3. Your very own LIMU BMW – Who could say no to a shiny black BMW paid for by LIMU? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? We didn’t think so, especially when you get your car at the 20K rank, quicker than with any other company! It’s a billboard on wheels and jet fuel for your LIMU biz! Welcome to the LIMU BMW CLUB.

4. Reward Trips – Sometimes life is better from the deck of a cruise ship. Or from a beach in Hawai’i, or while exploring the amazing amenities at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Working with LIMU allows you to earn fantastic all-expenses-paid trips all across the world! We take pride in going above and beyond, creating unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

5. Team Dedicated to Helping – LIMU’s corporate team is here for you. We create award-winning marketing and branding materials for YOU, making sure you have everything you need to build your biz. The best part? The materials are free! Plus, we’re always rolling out new digital content and next-level tools to make sharing the LIMU Experience as simple and stress-free as possible!

In short, LIMU is a game-changer and a life-changer. We help you do the things you want to do, achieve the results you want to achieve and be the person you want to be.