So, you get a little nervous before speaking in front of a crowd … congratulations, you’re human! OK, maybe you get more than a little nervous—that’s OK too! Plenty of uneasy speakers have learned to overcome their anxiety by changing their mindset and applying a few simple strategies and techniques to calm their nerves:

12. Redefine nervousness as excitement.

Your heart’s beating a little fast, your hands are shaky and your palms are sweating. That’s your adrenaline talking! Think of these symptoms as your body telling you something exhilarating is about to happen, and the situation will seem less intimidating and more thrilling.


11. Use silence for impact.

While speaking in front of a group, try pausing every now and then to drive a point home. This will give your audience time to think and react, and it will give you some breathing room and the chance to regroup if you’re feeling anxious.


10. Just breathe.

Breathing is so important when it comes to regulating your mood, especially when nerves are kicking in. Breathe deeply before you get up and speak to calm any anxious symptoms. Remember to take deep breaths centered in your belly: chest breathing is a sign of stress and shortens your inhale. Belly breathing triggers a relaxed feeling, putting you more at ease.


9. Show, don’t tell.

Do less speaking. Rather than telling, show people the products or ideas you’re talking about. Pass around products and pamphlets. Let your audience inspect the packaging, read the messaging and smell and taste the products you’re introducing. This gives them something else to focus on other than you.

Danielle Naquin at LIMU LIVE!

8. Be yourself.

Chances are most of your guests already know you and how you act, so don’t get up in front of the room and put up a façade. It’ll be hard to maintain and will most likely turn people off. Stay true to who you are and remember that you’re just talking to friends that wish you the best. Visualize yourself as a confident, sure and comfortable you, and chances are you will shine.

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7. Tell your story.

The easiest speeches to give are those you know well and are passionate about. Your story couldn’t fit the bill better! Telling your story, your WHY, from the heart is something everyone is capable of—no matter where they are in the LIMU Experience. If you are new to the company, simply share WHY you joined. Something caught your eye, whether it’s the amazing products or the chance to gain financial freedom and make it to Friday.

Brent & Ann Palmer at LIMU LIVE!

6. Know that everyone’s on your side.

People really do wish you the best. And it’s important you remember that. No one is hoping that you fail or lose track of your message while speaking, they just want to hear what you have to say and hope that you’re happy and relaxed while sharing your message.

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5. Smile.

Show some enthusiasm, even if it’s just with a smile. People will gravitate towards that kind of energy. Smile through the nerves and anticipation. You’ll soon notice that it’ll help take the pressure off. Remember, your energy introduces you before you even speak!

Andrew Rios :)

4. Make ‘em laugh.

A little laughter really puts everyone at ease (remember, your audience could be nervous too!). It also takes the pressure, formality and anticipation in the room down a notch. Don’t start with a canned joke–that’s just cheesy and could backfire–just take the opportunity to be a little witty when the time is right.

Ryan Barson at LIMU LIVE!

3. Let your guard down—keep it simple.

Relax. You’re not giving the State of the Union Address! Make it a point to have fun and act natural. You should make things as casual and lighthearted as possible while getting your message through. Don’t complicate the message either—the LIMU Experience is simple! You want you guests to feel like they could definitely do this!

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2. Put it all in perspective.

Really, what’s the worst that could happen? Remember not to sweat the small stuff. Reassure yourself that you know something your audience doesn’t know that could really help them out and change their lives—you’re up there for a reason!

Tammy Maltby at LIMU LIVE!

1. Let the LIMU Experience Party Video do the work for you!

The great thing about hosting and speaking at an Experience party is that you really just need to share your story, and you’re done! Let our Experience Party Video take it from there and do the rest of the work for you!

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