Simon SinekWhat drives you to build your LIMU business? Is it a pile of bills the size of Everest? Is it the chance to provide your kids and grandkids security as they get older? Is it the ability to hit the town in a shiny black BMW? Whatever it may be—and it may change over time—it will become your ‘Why.’

Your Why is the base for your entire LIMU business—Founder, President & CEO Gary J. Raser says it all the time. It is the foundation of your Experience story and it is the thing that people are going to remember long after they’ve come to your party. The reason that you signed up for LIMU is going to be what shows potential Customers and Promoters that LIMU is the real deal (a shiny black BMW paid for by LIMU once you hit 20K won’t hurt, either).

Full-time mom. Part-time business. Full-time pay.To quote the philosopher Frederick Nietzsche, “He who has a why can endure any how.” In other words, when you lose your Why, you lose your way. Without a clear understanding of what your Why is, you can’t expect to build your business. It’d be like being told to buy a new car or a really expensive television “just because.” Just because isn’t ever going to be enough. Instead, focus on what drives you.

Need another reason to discover your Why? Your Why shows your passion, and passion is contagious. Potential Customers and Promoters will see what drives you and they’ll get excited. It’ll make them want to discover their Why, too. People follow passionate people; people who are in motion. Pretty soon, you’ll have a strong team all working toward the same goal!

LIMU BMW CLUBWhen you find your Why, you’ll find your freedom. You’ll be able to build your biz confident in the fact that your story will show others what a wonderful Experience they can share in.

So think about it. What drives you? What makes you get up in the morning, pop open a BLU2, and start planning your next party?

Once you’ve found your why, share it! Tell people and tell us! By sharing your story, you’re entered to win products, prizes, trips and cash at our LIMU LIVE! events! How cool is that?