My story starts because of my persistent 16-year-old son. For two years my son tried to get my husband and me to go to a LIMU party. You see, the parents of his best friend are LIMU promoters, and our son had been at their house during many LIMU parties. Finally, towards the end of January of this year, my son told me that if we would just go to one LIMU party, he would never bother us again if we weren’t interested.

I decided that it must really be important to him or he wouldn’t keep asking. I hadn’t been interested in hearing about “another one of those network marketing companies”.  I was already involved with another company and I was content to stay with that other company, although my success with it was nonexistent. But I told my husband what our son had said, and I told him we needed to go just to “get him off of our case” about it.

My husband wasn’t happy about that, but we went and were completely blown away by what we heard about LIMU! This wasn’t “just another network marketing company”.  I tried LIMU ORIGINAL for a week before signing up as a promoter, although I knew by the time the party was over that I would be signing up as a promoter anyway. My husband and I started drinking the products and loved them. I reached 2K VIP within my 1st week, and 10K by the end of my 1st month. We started sharing more and more with people and loved that we could help others live healthier along with making some extra money. That was my initial reason for joining, but my why has changed.

I still want to help others live healthier lifestyles, but I also want time and financial freedom. I’m a teacher and have been for several years. Although I like teaching, the profession prevents me from spending much quality time with my family during the school year. I’ve been searching for a way to find more time freedom, as well as financial freedom. During the school year, all of my time is spent on school-related things. My evenings and weekends are all spent on school “stuff”, and we basically live paycheck to paycheck. 

I want my life back! I want to be able to spend time with my family without worrying about getting all of my school stuff done. I’m passionate about the LIMU products and how they can change lives both health-wise and financially. I’ve been watching my family, my team, and our customers have success with the products. I’ve never felt this passion about any other product.

And then most recently, my husband has decided that he wants to partner up with me in my business. I am beyond excited, as we’ve always wanted our own business that we could do together, something that would allow us both to be rid of the rut that we have been in with our jobs, our finances, and our stress level. We want to be rid of the daily grind and be in control of our own lives, and we believe LIMU is the answer. 

 I am Charlene Winters, and I am LIMU for life!