I have already been blessed by LIMU hundreds of times over. LIMU fuels my body, feeds my babies and pays my mortgage. LIMU has blessed my family with paychecks, bonus checks and an all-expense paid cruise. For three years, LIMU has paid for a beautiful, safe BMW I use to cart my family and build my business. Who am I to ask for more? But what I realized is that it’s not about winning a prize, it’s about sharing a story that may connect with someone and allow them to write a story of their own.

At the last LIMU LIVE, I pledged to lose fifteen pounds and that set me on a journey I never thought I would take. I’ve been fortunate to mostly stay slim over the years but, as I inched toward the big 4-0, the pounds slowly started adding up. My energy was lower, my pants were tighter and I was grumpier. So, on October 13th I committed to losing 15 pounds by the LIMU Annual Convention in February. 

Now before I go on I must admit – I didn’t do it.  I did NOT reach my goal. Some may even say that I failed, because so far I have lost a total of only eight pounds.  But what I have gained is so much more valuable than the number on the scale. I would even say I have achieved more than I ever dreamed of.

When I made the decision to lose that weight, I knew that I would have to change something in both my diet and my activity level.  The diet part was easy – I already loved LIMU LEAN so I committed to drinking at least one shake a day, every day, as a full meal replacement.  On the other hand, the change in activity is what scared me. I’ve never been athletic but I decided to bite the bullet and commit to running a half marathon in January.  I was not a runner, have never been a runner and never thought I would want to be.  This was a big, audacious, mountain-sized goal for me. But I had taken that pledge, I made the decision and I committed to taking action.

I started a running program and kept at it, and something amazing began to happen. I ran, albeit slowly, with a giant grin on my face because I COULD! And every time I ran a little farther than the time before, I gained a little more confidence.  I walked a little taller, I felt one step closer to becoming a super hero, and that is what is changing my life. On January 16th, on my 40th birthday, with a small group of dear friends and loved ones, I ran my first half marathon of 13.1 miles. By taking on this challenge, I gained the confidence to know that I can do hard things. If I can run, then what else can I do?

I have watched this newfound confidence spill over to all aspects of my life and especially into growing my LIMU business. I now know I can do anything I put my mind to. I can talk to anyone, even people on my “chicken list” and I have.  I can smile at strangers, make new friends, and create a “new” warm market, and I have.  I can step up to the plate and be the leader for our team and do the scary things like hosting a weekly team call, and I have. And if I can do it – a formerly shy, timid woman from California – so can you! We are ALL filled with power, potential and strength, and I am so grateful for LIMU for pushing me to find it.

Thank you to the LIMU LEAN Challenge for setting me on the course of health, confidence and better fitting jeans. Thank you so much, Gary Raser, for creating The LIMU Company and providing such an inspiring example of hard work, dedication and integrity. Thank you to my amazing team who drive me to get better every single day. Thank you to our fantastic leadership who are always there when I need them. And thank you to my incredibly patient husband for putting up with my constant shenanigans.

Oh – and a quick side note – I WILL lose those last seven pesky pounds – no matter what it takes – because I DON’T QUIT!

I am Andrea Rosser and so proud to say that I AM LIMU!