I’ve had the pleasure of being a full time wife and stay at home mom for the majority of the last 14 years. My husband works extremely hard to make a living for our family, working in the oil field until January of 2015 when he was laid off. Luckily, we were somewhat prepared and had saved enough money to sustain us for some time, but it couldn’t last forever.

As time went on and savings dwindled away, we began selling things one by one to make ends meet and eventually sold our home and land. Everything we had worked hard for for 14 years, was gone. But, we still had our faith, family, hope and ambition.

With not many job opportunities in our area, we decided to move to a new town in a new state and start over. 2 weeks before moving, I was introduced to LIMU but I knew it was network marketing and I was not interested! We were about to move, didn’t have much money and it seemed like the worst time in the world to start a network marketing business!

I hadn’t been feeling well for a few months, with stress beating down my body and my mind. I needed to go to the doctor and get some help, but without insurance, I anticipated a large bill. That’s when curiosity got the best of me and I googled LIMU and Fucoidan. I was so impressed with the information I read, that we decided LIMU would be worth a try. Within just a few days I felt like a new woman! I had less pain, more energy, and all of my symptoms began fading away. After just a few weeks of drinking LIMU, we were hooked and decided to become promoters!

I wasn’t sure how we’d do in the business with us moving to a new state, but we hit 2k VIP within our first month. I was excited to have our startup money back and to have our business launched! I decided I wanted that BMW bad and made that my next goal … not because of it being a luxury car, but because one of the things we had sold was my personal vehicle!

This was also a goal that was very personal for me. Like I said before, I’ve been a wife and stay at home mom for 14 years. I am very proud and grateful for that. I don’t have a college education, yet I’ve always had a desire to be a business owner and earn a good living. I didn’t want to sacrifice the time with my kids so I turned to network marketing many times. TEN TIMES to be exact!! That may be a little insane, but I knew this business model would work if I just found the right company or product … and LIMU is that company and product!!

Within 5 months of joining LIMU, I hit 20K and earned my BMW! I wanted to cry standing in the dealership because I realized this was the first time I had earned or paid for a car myself! As much as I appreciate my husband’s hard work all these years, there’s just something special about making this happen for yourself! Even though, I could not have done it without his support!!
Now, I have the pleasure of helping him and the rest of my team reach their goals. What could be better than offering people an opportunity to better their health and finances!?! I cannot wait to experience my first team member qualifying for their BMW! I know it will be so much more exciting than qualifying for my own!

No matter your level of education, current job status, age, or ethnicity, anyone can do this! All you need is a dream and the ability and willingness to work hard for that dream. And don’t worry, you aren’t alone, you’re surrounded by great dreamers and doers!
Being part of LIMU has been one of the biggest blessings I have ever experienced! My family is healthier and we no longer rely on one income to support our family. We’ve built some amazing relationships with people we may never have met without LIMU. I have gained a sense of real pride in owning my own successful network marketing business. And I get to go out every day and offer this same opportunity to everyone I meet!

My name is Ashley Joiner and I AM LIMU!