The winning approach behind your LIMU Facebook profile doesn’t need to be complicated—but it does need to be clear and simple.

There are keys to a successful, thriving and engaging Facebook presence. By applying these easy steps, you can grow your follower base, increase conversations and capture the interest of people who want to learn about your LIMU business.

1. Make Sure You’re Seeing LIMU Content

You don’t want to miss the latest LIMU news or updates, so take a few moments to check your settings. When using a desktop computer, hover on the Like box of the LIMU Facebook page. This brings up a window that gives you the option to See First. On mobile, you can click on the Following icon for LIMU’s page, and then choose the See First option.

2. Have a Sharp Profile Picture

That profile picture you have of your cute dog may be adorable, but not the best photo to represent you and your business. That doesn’t mean your profile photo can’t still be fun and engaging. Just be sure people can see you clearly and it’s reasonably recent. Remember, this is what your followers will see in their newsfeeds, your timeline and any comments you write. Put your best face forward.

3. Use a Branded Cover Photo

With the right cover photo, it will be easy for interested individuals to recognize that you’re part of the LIMU brand. Especially if they’re landing on your page for the first time. But keep any text on the cover photo short, and choose an image that’s high quality.

4. Like, Comment, Share

It only takes seconds to Like, Comment and Share a LIMU post. It really is that convenient. Building those Likes as a community shows others that people are enjoying the LIMU brand. While you’re at it, drop a comment! Let the world know WHY you think it’s awesome. Or how about Sharing the post instead? Friends will see it and have their own opportunity to Like or Comment. The more you practice using these simple buttons, the more people will witness the LIMU Experience.

5. Spice Up Your About Section


As a Promoter, your About section will be everyone’s first impression of your business, and we all know how important first impressions are. Try avoiding details that may distract or confuse your Facebook followers, such as listing yourself as “Retired”. It’s also a great idea to include your website, and be sure to add the http:// to make it a clickable link. Don’t worry if you can’t fit everything you want into the box, because the small About section is linked to a more detailed page.

6. Be Authentic


What’s your life like outside of LIMU? Think about sharing some of the wonderful things you’re able to do on your free time because of LIMU. Proud accomplishments, fitness, new vacation adventures or even cherished moments at home with family.

7. Be Positive


Has LIMU positively changed your life? Let the world know! Lead by example and share your LIMU experience with your friends and followers. Or post something personally motivating that may inspire others. What drives you and what is your WHY?

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