On January 13th & 14th LIMU Nation is bringing amazing energy to Fort Worth, Texas for LIMU International Convention 2017!

During an unforgettable weekend filled with nationally renowned speakers, success trainings, incredible prizes and more, you may also want to check out some of the fun and exciting places nearby.

Check out the top 10 things to do in Fort Worth!

1. Fort Worth Stockyards


Established in 1866, Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District owes its fame and unique character to the cattle industry. It is known as the last remaining stockyard of its kind in America and once upon a time millions of cattle passed through this area. Now the area has become one of Fort Worth’s largest tourist attractions and allows visitors to go back in time and experience cattle round-ups and various entertainment attractions. This includes musical performances, museums, western-themed stores and souvenirs. Visitors can also view demonstrations of themed art and experience hands on adventures throughout horse treks.

2. The Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall


As one of the most highly regarded renowned theaters in Texas, the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall (Bass Performance Hall) draws expansive audiences each year. This architectural vintage style limestone opera house is located within the Square district. The outside features 45-foot-tall sculpted angles with an 80-foot dome and is one of Fort Worth’s most iconic landmarks. The theater offers performances which attract audiences of all types with productions including classical shows, dramas, operas, ballets and more!

3. Amon Carter Museum of American Art


The Amon Carter Museum houses an impressive collection of artwork by Frederic and Charles M. Rusell and has been visited by tourists from all over for more than five decades. Guests can view sculptures, paintings and much more throughout its exhibits, which feature the work of revered classic artists from the 1800’s and beyond, such as Thomas Eakins and Alexander Calder.

4. Fort Worth Botanic Garden


The Fort Worth Botanic Garden covers more than 100 acres and is one of the most visited natural attractions in Fort Worth since 1934. The garden includes 23 different individual gardens with a wide range of strikingly beautiful visual sights and features within each. One of the largest gardens is the Japanese Garden where you will find maples, magnolias, bamboo, bridges, and ponds which are home to over 1,200 Koi fish. The Botanic Garden also offers workshops for children and its very own restaurant.

5. Sundance Square


A hot spot for tourists and city locals alike is the Sundance Square which is centrally located in the downtown area, where a variety of activities and fun for all can be had. The area named after the Sundance Kid, is a melting pot of buildings and locations with countless stores, cafes and entertainment venues such as Bass Performance Hall and Circle Theater. The outdoor space also features a plaza which has an outdoor public space with elegant fountains and live entertainment.

6. Fort Worth Zoo


With more than 5,000 native and exotic animals, the Fort Worth Zoo is ranked as one of the top 10 zoos in the country. In addition to its wide range of creatures from all parts of the globe, the zoo also has an array of interactive attractions for the whole family, with activities such as rock climbing, petting zoos, carousels, Yellow Rose Express Train and more. Established over a century ago, the Fort Worth Zoo continues to draw impressive crowds each season.

7. The Kimbell Art Museum


Art collections, traveling art exhibitions, educational programs and research libraries are just some of the highlights of the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth. The highly regarded museum first opened over 40 years ago and was designed by the world-renowned architect Louis I. Kahn. It features items from all around the world from areas like Africa, Asia, Europe and many more. Visitors are often impressed by the museums remarkable use of lighting and artistically designed gallery ceilings.

8. The Vintage Flying Museum and Fort Worth Aviation Museum


Located at Meacham International Airport, the Vintage Flying and Fort Worth Aviation Museum houses a robust collection of vintage aircrafts, including many from the WWII era. One of its most exciting attractions are the DC3 which allows visitors to board the historic plane. With a long list of full scale planes and artifacts, this museum is a must see for aviation enthusiasts and those seeking to experience a part of its history in person.

9. The Log Cabin Village


As one of the most unique and interesting locations to visit in Fort Worth, the Log Cabin Village has several salvaged buildings from the 1800’s with original themes and authentic artifacts within. The buildings even include schoolhouses, blacksmith shops and water-powered gristmills and more. Interpreters wearing custom wardrobes also perform in character as townspeople from the time period. Guests can also learn more with live entertainment, games and planting.

10. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth


Commonly referred to as “The Modern” and designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the 53,000-square foot museum contains a permanent collection of more than 2,600 art pieces from some of the most celebrated artists of the modern era. With notable names featured like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and many more. The structure has five pavilions and a large reflective pond with a lush garden surrounded by artistic sculptures.