Social media is key to creating buzz for any event.

If you want to supercharge your LIMU LIVE! experience, be sure to use Facebook and other social outlets to promote it!

It’s an easy effective way to increase branded event exposure while still having fun.

Here’s how:

Update Your Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Pic

Friends and followers landing on your page will become more aware of LIMU LIVE! by seeing a cover photo that displays the basic event info or a profile picture that nods to the occasion. Those that are not already familiar with LIMU LIVE! will discover it for the first time and are more likely to attend.

Status Updates

As you get closer to the start date of a LIMU LIVE! event, start thinking of ways to promote it in interesting ways. Posting a teaser on Facebook can peak people’s interest, even if it’s just a simple post like “We’ve got something amazing planned for October… Can you guess what it is?”, it can generate a lot of curiosity and comment discussion.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos often gain more attention than other posts. Viewers may spend up to three times the time on video posts (and the live ones usually receive the highest number of comments). Going live over Facebook at an event is a great way to interact with your followers live and share the LIMU LIVE! experience. People can comment live as you’re recording and can see your response on video. Mentioning your followers by name and responding will make them feel part of the experience.

Posting Photos


“Pictures or didn’t happen!”. If you’re at a LIMU LIVE! event don’t be afraid to share your experience by posting exciting photos! Capturing engaging visual content of yourself, the crowd, speakers and more will help showcase what the LIMU LIVE! experience is all about.


Hashtagging your photos or posts is a great way to build anticipation leading up to and during the event. People who are curious to see coverage will be able to do so by searching the hashtag. Using this on your posts will build interest, create conversation and promote the brand. Plus, you may even see your posts displayed live on the big screen throughout a LIMU LIVE! event! #LIMULIVE

Like, Comment, Share

Don’t forget to Share content from LIMU’s page throughout the event and before and after it goes down. There will be tons of inspiring and entertaining content posted by LIMU that your followers may enjoy seeing. Contributing Likes and Comments will also help promote the brand and make it more visible to others. It’s all about Like, Comment, Share!


You can use LIMU’s official Facebook event page to invite your friends to join the fun. Help them witness the LIMU Experience for themselves and feel the power of the LIMU community. Then, you can Facebook Live, post photos and Share together!

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