It’s here. The single BIGGEST, most impactful new product introduction since LIMU ORIGINAL over a decade ago …

Your body has met its match.




BURN is a results-driven powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber designed to curb your appetite and enhance your burn potential.

Crave less. Conquer more.

BURN fuels your body with hunger-fighting natural ingredients and refreshing energy to help accelerate weight loss and reduce body fat.

Each can is power-packed with our proprietary Fucoidan-rich Limu seaweed extract, 20g of premium protein, 7g of soluble fiber, and 100mg of natural caffeine to promote sustained energy and suppress cravings.


Fight snack attacks. Can your cravings with BURN.

BURN: Be hot.

This supercharged addition to the LIMU LEAN product family is specially formulated as a healthy, weight-conscious alternative to snacking between meals.

Each 8.4 oz. can is designed to satisfy the mid-morning and afternoon “snack attacks” that are known to derail healthy eating habits and impede weight loss.

When hunger and diet fatigue strike, fight back and pop open a can of BURN!


Order today!

BURN is now available for purchase! Direct your team and prospects to our brand new Buy Now buttons on the corporate site, or order BURN through your IAMLIMU Back Office today!