Since LIMU was established, the company has been committed to your personal growth through a business plan that is both easy to follow and adaptable to your lifestyle.

In the age of social media, we’re continuing to hold true to that model.

LIMU 2.0: The Evolution

As the Promoters who attended LIMU LIVE! Memphis saw firsthand, LIMU has been reimagined as a company and as the vehicle to your success. We’ve unlocked significant, unrealized potential in your business by integrating a platform that, chances are, you and many, many people you know use every single day: Facebook.

What’s that mean?

Managing and growing your business just got so much easier, thanks to the world’s most popular social media platform. We’ve leveraged the Law of Large Numbers to expand the potential of sharing the LIMU Experience with others.

Here’s the Scoop

With Facebook as the focal point of our new customer acquisition strategy, your warm market instantly becomes everyone you’re connected to, everyone your friends are connected to, and once you begin to implement the “Like, Comment, Share” strategy, that number could very easily grow into the millions.

If you’re not excited already, it’s definitely time to be. Tanna Johnson, LIMU’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications definitely is.

Did you get all that? Under this new and improved model, content is king, and LIMU is going to be generating tons of great content for you to Like, Comment, and Share.

One important thing to do right away is to ensure you’re seeing all of LIMU’s posts as they are shared. It’s actually really easy. Just follow these simple instructions, courtesy of LIMU’s social media guru.


That feeling you’re experiencing right now is the personal momentum you just gained by plugging into LIMU’s new customer acquisition strategy! You’ve primed your business to reach new heights; now’s the time to press forward. Get out there and Like, Comment, Share!