Like. Comment. Share.
Three little words … BIG impact on your business.
Like, Comment and Share buttons are on every Facebook post that appears in your newsfeed. But how can these three small actions grow your LIMU business?


The Power of Like, Comment, Share

A major part of social media success for Promoters is about including your friends. According to a study from Nielsen, 83% of respondents in 60 countries say they trust the recommendations of friends and family. By recognizing the value of this, you can leverage your social media presence and grow your LIMU business just by liking, commenting and sharing LIMU’s content.


Likes are a great way to provide positive feedback or to connect with things you care about on Facebook. A post with a high number of Likes shows that people enjoy or care about the content within that post. By liking LIMU’s posts, you’re building those Likes and helping other people realize just how enjoyable and important that content is. The more Likes a post gets, the more visible it is to others—so the more you’re Liking, the more you’re spreading the LIMU love.


Comments tell people WHY you like certain content and how it applies to you and your life. When you find LIMU content you like, follow up and engage by commenting on it. Commenting amplifies the reach of a post and helps create interest in your business by showing up in your friends’ feeds, extending your reach organically. Engaging with LIMU content by commenting helps build interaction and shows an active interest in your brand.


If you want content to be seen more often by your friends, you need to use the Share button. When you Share a post from a brand you know and trust, your followers are more likely to see that post and maybe even Share it themselves. This can create a domino effect where their followers do the same and there’s no limit to how many people can see an inspiring LIMU Experience story or motivational post. When people see that the shared content comes from an established brand page, your business will have added credibility.



  • It’s important to avoid flooding your page with all LIMU content all the time. People will lose interest and might unfollow you.

  • Your page should show people that you have a life outside of your business. If LIMU allows you to do fun things like stay home with your kids or go to a baseball game on a Tuesday, share that with your followers! It’s all about attracting others to the Experience.

  • People should be able to see how LIMU has benefited you not just professionally, but also personally. Let your friends know what this business means to you. Let them know why you do what you do.

  • Be human. Your page doesn’t have to be a boring, sterile experience. It’s okay to talk about trending topics. Be personal, and more importantly, be you!

  • Make sure your settings are adjusted so you see LIMU content often in your own newsfeed.

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