Having self-confidence can be the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling defeated. The perception you have of yourself has an immeasurable impact on your ability to succeed and run a business.
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Look at confidence as a skill set which you can improve on with regular practice and mindful consistency. You can apply them to any facet of your life, personally or professionally. With that, here are 15 simple ways that you can become more confident.
1. Show Gratitude
When was the last time you said “thank you”? Many of us are so wrapped up in our daily lives that we often forget, or are oblivious to being thankful. It can be as basic as thanking someone for opening a door, or following up with a client to show your appreciation.
2. Act With Kindness
Taking the feelings or thoughts of others into consideration during common interactions can go a long way towards acting with kindness in your everyday life. As the adage goes, treat others as you would like to be treated.
3. Define Your Values
What do you value most and what do you consider most important? Defining these things will help you identify your priorities. When your actions and your behavior match your values, your overall confidence will reflect that.
4. Find Your True Motivations
Realizing what motivates you to succeed or accomplish goals will help you to become more efficient in seeing them through. Whether it’s fulfilling your daily tasks at work, pursuing a life-long dream or simply running errands.
5. Take Special Care to Look Better Than Usual
Taking pride in your appearance and the way you present yourself regularly is a huge step in feeling more secure about yourself. When you feel good about the way you look, you will be more likely to speak with conviction and make your points more clearly in conversation.
6. Smile More
A smile doesn’t cost a thing! Doing something as simple as smiling is the perfect way to express positivity and zeal, while increasing the likelihood of pleasant interactions with other people. Smiling is a universal language understood by anyone and demonstrates a great level of confidence, especially when you first meet someone.
7. Fix Your Posture
Do you often slouch or hunch? Most of us do at some point, but the important thing is to avoid doing so as often as possible. Aside from the impact it has on your body physically, bad posture can also negatively impact how others perceive your level of confidence.
8. Visualize Success
Taking 10 or more minutes out of your day to visualize a goal can push you to succeed in ways you never expected. According to research, visualization works because when we visualize an act, the brain generates an impulse that tells our neurons to “perform” the action. Visualizing success can also make it feel more attainable and tangible.
9. Erase Negative Thoughts
“Negative thoughts lead to negative results.”

The most effective way to be rid of those negative thoughts in your head is to replace them with positive ones. By reframing or reappraising a bad situation in your mind, you can discover a more positive outlook that helps you find a useful resolution. By consciously training your mind to do this, you will likely realize how confident you can be within difficult situations.
10. Prepare with Focus
Reminding yourself of what you hope to accomplish can help you better prepare. Maintaining this consistent level of focus allows your mind to remain clear and to communicate with more certainty and confidence.
11. Slow Down Your Speech
Fast speech is like fine print. It’s easy to ignore. Take your time when speaking to others, remembering to give them enough time to mentally digest what it is your saying. Slowing down your speech also allows you to naturally emphasize points you’re trying to make and shows confidence in conveying them.
12. Serve Others
Serving and confidence are more closely related than you may think. Those with lowered confidence may view serving as something lowly. However, if you’re confident, you serve your team with a different mindset. It is one of the many ways we relate and influence others while building a business.
13. Focus on Solutions Rather Than Problems
This brings us back to erasing negative thoughts. It is crucial in critical thinking and problem solving to consider and explore positive solutions. These are essential qualities often found within leaders and clearly shows great confidence when leading a team.
14. Set Goals, Then Set Bigger Goals
Consider creating a “to-do list” of small tasks you haven’t had time for or have been avoiding. Completing these smaller tasks first will help you quickly build confidence in your own abilities to finish larger goals. It creates momentum that will push you closer to that success you’ve been aiming for.
15. Exercise More Than Once a Week
Healthy body, healthy mind! Being more fit will likely increase your ability to maintain higher levels of energy throughout the day. Plus, being happier about the new healthier version of yourself can give you a boost of confidence wherever you go!