I am Jennifer Burfield, and this is my LIMU Experience:

When I was first introduced to LIMU, I didn’t know how much I really needed it at the time. It was first mentioned to me by a friend in November of 2012, and I did finally go to a LIMU party and decided to join January of 2013.

Since then, my life has changed in ways I had never expected. What I mean by that is that slowly and unknowingly I had settled into being ok with the mediocrity of life. I was working for an orthodontist only four days a week, so I thought that was probably the most ideal for a working mom. But along my LIMU journey I realized that I was not ok with just going through the motions of life and being contented in my comfort zone.

The things LIMU gave me were to have hope and to dream big again. So I had to go to work to start believing in myself again. As I listened to Jim Rohn and Les Brown, I learned that your income almost never surpasses the personal development required to get there. My story has ups and downs, excitement and frustrations, but no matter how many disappointments came along the way, something in me just wouldn’t let me quit.

It’s been almost 4 years but I am so glad that I never quit, because in November of 2016 I reached the rank of 20k. Although it took me longer than I would have liked it to, I would have never gotten there if I had quit. This month marks my four-year anniversary in LIMU and I am not at all the same person I was when I started. I used to think I was not a BMW person but when I got behind the wheel of that 535i GT, I realized, Oh yeah, I AM a BMW person.

I am so thankful that my friend Amy Turner would not let me brush this off and miss out on the biggest opportunity that I have ever been blessed with. I will forever be thankful to her for that. I feel like I am only getting started and the best is yet to come!

My name is Jennifer Burfield and I AM LIMU!