Going to the local gym and taking full advantage of the equipment, classes, and trainers available can be an efficient way to keep yourself active. But what happens on the days when you’re extremely busy or inclement weather prevents you from driving? Don’t worry, all is not lost! You can still strengthen your body and keep up your stamina no matter where you are with these five easy to do workouts. Plus, you can perform any of these in ten minutes or less!

1) Chair Dips


Chances are that if you have a chair nearby you will be able to perform this simple yet effective exercise that mainly stimulates your triceps. Ideal for those who find themselves stuck at home or with a few extra minutes during their lunch break at work. If you want to challenge yourself even further, you can place your outstretched legs on a second chair in the same position.

2) Burpees

For the next workout, all you need is a flat ground surface, preferably a smooth one since you will be using the palms of your hands. This is the perfect workout for anybody wanting to stimulate the highest amount of muscles in the shortest amount of time. Muscles exercised include pectorals, deltoids, glutes, hamstrings, and abs.

3) Jumping Jacks

You can never go wrong with this basic yet effective cardio exercise. While nothing quite compares to jogging, running, or using a treadmill, jumping jacks are perfect for those moments when you want to do cardio while staying in one place. Or staying inside during bone chilling temperatures. The average person will burn 100 calories just by doing 10 minutes of jumping jacks alone.

4) Crunching with Raised Legs

How about adding a little more to that classic crunch exercise for added abdominal stimulation? Be sure to maintain your legs steadily in the elevated bent knee position shown in the photo and start burning those abs! Remember, if you aren’t yet ready you can always revert to the standard crunch with bent legs and feet flat on the ground.

5) Reverse Lunge with Rear Leg Raise

Time to get that chair out again. This is another variation on a simple exercise with an extra step to workout more muscles. Whether you’re training for a marathon or wanting to tone your glutes, lunges are always an excellent lower-body exercise to increase strength, movement, and balance. Muscles exercised here include hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves.

6) Wide Row

What would we be without our spine? Even without the resistance of weights in each hand, wide rows are still an effective and simple workout to stimulate your back muscles. By training your back muscles regularly, you’ll perform daily tasks much more easily even if they’re strenuous.
These are just a handful of countless workouts you can incorporate into your busy day, but more than enough to achieve essential training on the go, gain an energy boost and stay active!

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