The most common outcome of those who heard Les Brown speak at International Convention was gaining a powerful sense of direction; a realization that they already possessed the capacity for bigger things.
But when Gary J. Raser gave the keynote at LIMU LIVE! Arlington, his revered “Straight Talk” training, those who heard it gained something much greater than motivation: they learned exactly how to retrace the footsteps of one of the most successful people in an industry where the surest path to prosperity is through duplication — not to mention the inspiration to follow them.
Those in attendance for this historic occasion learned these fundamentals of duplication straight from an industry icon. Gary knows what works, what doesn’t and what it takes to rise from success to significance. The key points he set forth are easy to understand and reproducible by anyone, just as we’ve illustrated here.


Focus on the Fundamentals (They Never Change)

“Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” – Michael Jordan


Your New Daily Action Plan

• STO (Share the Opportunity)

The LIMU opportunity can be shared anywhere in the world with everyone, whether it’s on Facebook, LIMU Experience parties, LIMU LIVE! events or calls. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing LIMU, so make it a point to tell others about our unique, home-based business with people looking for a little more out of life.

• STP (Share the Product)

Help others discover LIMU’s Fucoidan-rich line of satisfying and shareable nutritional products. Whether potential Customers are looking to manage their weight, have more energy or enhance their overall health, there’s something for everyone in our innovative product line! Make drinking and sharing LIMU’s healthy, ultra-premium drinks and shakes part of your daily routine.

• AP (Attend Parties)

LIMU Experience parties are the best place to expose prospects to the information that is critical to building their belief level. That way, they will hear the facts not only from you, but also from other Promoters, who can thereby provide third party credibility and validation. You can participate in parties in person as well as online. Most successful Promoters share the products, share the opportunity and attend in-home parties regularly. If you had a bad week, you need a LIMU party. If you’ve had a good week, the LIMU party needs you!

• BFE (Build for Events)

Building for events doesn’t just happen days or weeks before an event. The road to corporate events should be paved with local events every single day. Building for events includes two- or three-way calls, Experience parties, online parties, regional trainings and coffee shop meet-ups with prospects. The moment one event ends, you should already be promoting the next. Start early and start fast.




Here are the top five fundamental takeaways from Gary’s “Straight Talk” training.


1. Always Stay in Phase 1

No matter how many people are in your group, or how many dependable leaders you have, you should always be engaged in the cycle of personally prospecting, presenting, closing and launching. It’s important to actively and consistently bring in new Promoters by sticking to this paradigm. In order to get bigger, you’ve gotta get bigger! Go get new chickens!


2. Get up, Get Over it, Get on With it

Not everyone you bring into the business is going to stick, that’s just the way it is. That’s not on you. You’re not going to win or it lose it in one quarter. You’ve got to be willing to play all four quarters. In this business, that means about four years of focused effort, until you get an organization that’s big enough, that has duplicated you enough, that doesn’t need you doing anything, to where you now have residual income coming in. ‘How’ doesn’t matter if your ‘Why’ is strong enough. You’ll figure it out. If your ‘Why’ is not strong enough, you’ll find an excuse. You can still have success as long as you get up and do it right away.


3. People Need to Identify With You

Make your mess your message. Our stories are how others relate to us and how they discover early on the potential of the LIMU Experience. Don’t forget your roots and let your journey inspire others to Be more. Make it a goal to have others say to themselves, “me too,” not “so what.”


4. If Serving Is Beneath You, Then Leadership Is Beyond You

Focus on building layers of leadership. Remember that you are regularly breaking new people into the first few ranks in your business. It’s all about helping new teammates achieve 2K VIP and 3-for-Free. You have to build great leaders and give key people responsibilities. Don’t ever think you know everything. Always invest in yourself and push your team.


5. This is a Home-Based Business, not Homebound

Dreaming of a goal is like boiling water without a fire. Don’t settle for whatever rank you’re currently at. You must keep traveling, stay busy and get new chickens! This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it’s a work program. Lead by example. Sign one person up a month, every month for a year, and have everyone on your team do the same thing.

It’s important to always stay plugged in, as well. Team calls, leadership calls, President’s Calls, training calls, Experience parties, Success Trainings and corporate events like LIMU LIVE! and our annual LIMU International Convention are great ways to stay in the know and always be learning and growing. Attending and participating are essential to your success.