Every LIMU LIVE! brings big giveaways, bigger surprises, exclusive speakers and moments to just have fun with your fellow Promoters, but they’re also mile markers between which to pace your business’s growth. The next LIMU LIVE! is just around the corner, and if you haven’t yet begun preparing for it, it’s time to start checking off action items now to ensure you’re building momentum leading up to it. Whether this is your first LIMU LIVE! or your tenth, we can help you prepare with these five simple things to do before LIMU Nation storms Arlington, Texas on May 20th.

1. Get at least two prospects to commit to coming

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There’s no better way to introduce potential new Promoters to LIMU than by inviting them to LIMU LIVE! It’s the perfect opportunity for them to be inspired by prize-winning LIMU Experience stories, hear from impactful speakers, experience the energy and excitement that only comes from being there, and just party alongside like-minded entrepreneurs! It also helps them to answer any questions they may have about becoming a Promoter and see firsthand the driven, passionate community that we have. Two is a great goal to set, but you can invite as many people as you want!

2. Hold a LIMU Experience party every week

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Whether or not you’ve already hosted Experience parties in the past, it’s a great to create and implement a consistent party schedule. Holding regular Experience parties – whether in your home or online – leading up to LIMU LIVE! will help build momentum and boost awareness of the event while enticing people to come along as prospects. Better yet, Experience parties are where the business-building activities occur that create the LIMU BMW CLUB qualifiers and more.

3. Share your LIMU Experience story

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Have you shared your Experience story yet? Submitting your own personal LIMU Experience story before LIMU LIVE! will give you the chance to win incredible prizes, including dream trips with first-class VIP treatment to amazing destinations! Even if you’ve submitted your story in the past, you can still update it and resubmit for your shot at recognition on stage in front of thousands. It will also help build your team’s belief and courage them to submit their stories too!

4. Post info about the event on Facebook

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Sharing details about the next LIMU LIVE! by posting it on your Facebook page for all your followers and friends to see is a great way to spark inquiries about it. Even clicking “Going” on the LIMU LIVE! Facebook event page will generate a post in their News Feeds letting your network know your plans and all the details. Also, don’t forget to tell them all about special LIMU parties held the same weekend, note any Tom Promoters and speakers that are scheduled, show them the newest LIMU Gear, or any details that are unique to that particular event.

5. Plan your itinerary

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If you want to take full advantage of LIMU LIVE!, then you will want to make sure you plan ahead. Remember to check out the official event itinerary beforehand and then build your own based around which speakers, parties or event activities you don’t want to miss. You can also use your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to create a digital itinerary you can carry with you wherever you go. Make sure to also carve out time to meet with your team to strategize and connect with Top Leaders to pick their brains.