Each year millions of people across the country sign up for gym memberships, but a large percentage of those same people quit within months, or never show up in the first place. One of the biggest contributing factors for that is fear, and many don’t even realize it. Most of these fears can be easily overcome, and here are five simple ways to rid yourself of those negative thoughts:

1. Visit the Gym During Slower Hours

The thought of stepping into a crowded gym for the first time in the middle of a busy weekday can be incredibly overwhelming to many. Some of you may be intimidated by regular members that may be more experienced with equipment or techniques. Others would simply rather not deal with the large crowds and enjoy the freedom of having more machines readily available. In either case, consider visiting the gym during slower hours, such as late at night or the very early morning.

2. Get a Personal Trainer

Do you fear you aren’t motivated enough, or aren’t sure where to start? Maybe all you need is a little push. It’s a personal trainer’s job to encourage you, help you achieve your fitness goals and instruct you on the best ways to do so. You can benefit greatly from the support and expertise that comes with having your own coach.

3. Sign Up for a Guest Pass

Many gyms around the country offer free passes to new members who would like to try things out before signing up. These trial periods usually last between 3-10 days and allow you to ease into a membership without having to worry about contracts and fees before you’re ready.

4. Join a Fitness Class

Join a fitness class
One way to overcome your fear of working out is to attend classes with groups who have similar fitness interests and goals. It erases the tension of not knowing what to expect by having an organized environment surrounded by those at the same experience level as you. These classes typically include a knowledgeable instructor to guide you through the exercises. A simple search can help you find the class that best suits you, whether it’s yoga, aerobics, spinning, Zumba or any other wide range of activities.

5. Workout at Home

Exercise at home
What if you don’t have enough money or time? Then consider working out at home or at work. Yes, it’s possible, and yes, it’s easier than you think. There are a variety of exercises you can do in 10 minutes or less, without any equipment and from nearly any place. You’ll save money and time while still keeping your body active.