I am Jo Mitchell, and this is my LIMU Experience:

My LIMU Experience just keeps changing almost every month. 3 ½ years ago, my son asked me to join him doing this “LIMU thing”. He knows I’m a sucker most of the time and will say YES without really knowing all about it. I asked him what LIMU was and he started explaining what he knew. Being a nurse I heard something about “seaweed” in healthy products and I said YES! He said just hand over your credit card, and later told my husband who thought I’d lost my mind.

I got busy going to his parties and found 3 friends to do this with me. I got my LIMU check before I got my credit card bill … WOW!! That was awesome, because I didn’t realize we could make extra money too – I was thinking my whole family and friends would just get healthier. I reached 20K in 54 days and that shiny black BMW really stood out in my small town. We shared this awesome opportunity with everyone, invited them to our parties and wondered why some didn’t show up. Then I watched some YouTube videos on “How to invite to a LIMU Party” and DUH! I was telling too much so it’s no wonder they wouldn’t come!

We changed our approach and more people started coming to hear about this “LIMU thing”. I’ve had my ups and downs along the way but I’m NO QUITTER! I’m thankful for my upline support and team! And as our team started growing, I got so excited – Brent Palmer and Michael Huffaker drove from Alabama to our small town in Arkansas to help us!! We started having contests, rally calls and in May of last year, I hit the rank of 50K. We added four new 20Ks to our team along with 10Ks and numerous 2K VIPs. How thrilling when someone hits a new rank! That’s what it’s all about – helping others and changing people’s lives.

We went through a devastating river flood that set us way back with our family business. With very hard work and dedication, we rebuilt it all, though with no flood insurance available came a huge bank loan. During that time, my dad got very sick and passed away, so my husband and I continue to help my mom run the business. My goal is to help her be debt-free in her life time, and the extra income from LIMU will help make that possible. I lost my daughter to cancer after a 4-month battle with the awful aggressive disease, and she left children just 18 months and 3 ½ years old. Her husband works very hard as a contractor and does an awesome job raising them, and LIMU lets us help them too.

I’m very passionate about the LIMU products and what this company stands for. All my family drinks LIMU and that always makes me very happy. At our family Christmas party this year, some were asking about BURN and LIMU LEAN … BOOM! My husband has lost 50 pounds since February and people know if he can do it, they definitely can.

I’m so excited to see what 2017 brings for our TEAM!! I can’t wait to have more rank changes and go 100K!! Thank you Helen and Gary Raser for all your hard work and dedication, and for the LIMU Company! I am Jo Mitchell and I AM LIMU!