I am Alatha Swain and this is my LIMU Experience.

“Be real,” they said. “Be authentic,” they said. We submitted our story twice and didn’t win. I’m not going to lie: we were discouraged after not winning the first time, so for the next LIMU LIVE!, we decided we weren’t going to waste our time on rewriting and submitting our story again. After all, everyone else had a better story, right? Maybe you can relate!

We decided to submit our story again for our third LIMU LIVE! and again didn’t win. Then we decided that we needed to try again. Our story was hard for us to share, but because of the Facebook Live broadcast Ryan Barson did on sending in our story, we submitted again.
I have felt most of my life that I didn’t measure up. Not fast enough, smart enough, strong enough or good enough to be the winner. I am good at many things, but not the best at any one thing. My husband has felt that way, too. In his words, “I’m a man of many trades but a master of none.” Like you and everyone else in this world, we have had some hard hits in life. When life knocks you down you get back up again, right? We are going to be real. Our story is authentic and I am sure many will relate in some way, because we are just shooting straight from the heart.
In 2008, our 18-year old daughter Tabitha was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma cancer. While she was undergoing harsh chemo treatments, our youngest 16-year-old daughter Carissa was killed in a car accident so tragic that there were no survivors. After a long battle with cancer, Tabitha went on to be with her heavenly father and her sister at the age of only 24.
Life can deal some really hard hits — no one is immune to that. We can choose to stay down or we can get up and live life to the fullest. My husband and I became LIMU Promoters to change our financial situation from poverty to prosperity in hopes of helping our children Be more. A few months after we joined LIMU, our 25-year-old daughter Brittany, the twin of our daughter who passed away from cancer, became very ill. I was devastated and thought, “Here we go again.” I got on my face before God and asked what to do.
She still has the cancer mutated gene she shared with her late sister, but she is now able to live life to the fullest and not just exist. Her dream of becoming a nurse is coming true. LIMU has made it possible for us to pay for her college and continue to provide her with what she needs to continue feeling better.

There is nothing more powerful and life-giving than the LIMU Experience. LIMU has made it possible for us to help our daughter Cara live out her dream of going to college to be a vet tech. Because of LIMU, we have been able to support our daughter Bethany in building her business as a trainer. The extra money has made it possible for our son Carey to play every sport he desires.

We have been able to be a blessing financially to all our children and grandchildren. We also took off work for a week to go on a youth mission trip to help others by repairing their homes. We get to bless others by secretly paying for their meal or secretly giving someone in need an envelope with money in it. My husband and I are so thankful for LIMU and Gary Raser, because it all started with one man, one spark that ignited a huge fire, and now it’s burning in our hearts. That is real.
I am Alatha Swain and I am LIMU forever, because LIMU gives hope!