I am Allyson Perry and this is my LIMU Experience.

I love the LIMU Experience, but I really didn’t think I had a LIMU story. I joined because I love my dear friend Debbie and she asked me to. I had one LIMU Experience party and only one person came out of all the people I had invited. Discouraged and unmotivated, I just kind of sat back, watched Debbie and listened to other more successful LIMU Promoters I was introduced to.
Several months passed and somewhere along the way, by listening to many leaders and after being mentored and encouraged by a couple of them, I became excited. And so, I managed to enroll my first three Promoters. After four months, I had my second party. And no one I invited came. Discouraged is an understatement, yet my team little by little rolled in through my front door with enthusiasm and smiles, saying they were glad to be here with never a word spoken that no “new people’ were in my house.
This is where I thought, just maybe, I have a story. Feeling the positive physical and mental benefits of using the LIMU products has been enough to truly convince me I have made the right decision. Sitting in my living room tonight and listening to my mentors, I began to see my vision, yet I still didn’t think I had a story, at least not one worth being heard or told. As my team trickled home, just a few stayed including Michael Smith. His words just hit me, as he shared his journey and his LIMU Experience just like a long-lost friend sitting on the front porch. There was no, “let me hype you up, get you going” — just comfortable sharing.
As I sat listening to him, with the light bulb growing with the vision of the company I had bought into, I thought well yes, I do have a story. I had never done anything like this before. I was recently divorced with spousal support ending sooner than later and my son was attending Texas A&M. He receives a small scholarship for books and I wondered how I would be able to continue helping him with school after my spousal support ends. LIMU has helped me with that.
Now I know without any doubt I have made the best decision of my life — listening to Michael Smith take the time to teach me, share with me, draw pictures for me and just encourage me. This is the company and these are the people I want to represent. I realize the blessing that saying yes to LIMU has bestowed upon me. I have an army of people above me who love what they do, who said yes to something perhaps they were not sure of but they committed. I witness the power of those people with every Facebook Live, team call and Facebook training and I am so glad I said “yes” to this incredible opportunity.

All I can say is I believe and I have a vision of what the LIMU Experience will do in my life.

I have been taught by my team and this company to pass the love, excitement, and encouragement on to the people I share this great company and product with. I have great people in my corner, a team who has had success and truly wants to pass that on, and that is exactly what I intend to do as well.
I am Allyson Perry and I am LIMU!