I am Amy Wagner, and this is my LIMU Experience.

If someone was asked to describe me, they would say, “That’s the lady who always has a smile on her face and is always happy.” Well, I should probably receive an Academy Award for that.
As a child, I was diagnosed with auditory dyslexia; not only do I read things out of order, but I also hear things out of order. My coping skills became top-notch, but my self-esteem and confidence spiraled down — though I found that I looked “smart” when I smiled! So, that is just what I did, and I still do. I spent my entire life hiding behind that smile, working twice as hard as anyone else to get through life. I was told by teachers I would never graduate, but I did. I have always done whatever I had to do to appear normal. I even made it through college on the Dean’s Honor Roll, graduating and completing the physical therapy assistant program.
Two years ago, my life was turned upside down. I had a full-time job, was a full-time mom to two kids under the age of 3, and living with my in-laws as we built our dream home. We were investing everything we had into the house and our debt was growing. To make things worse, I was let go by my job a week before Christmas. I went into panic mode, but I remembered I had a past patient whose wife was a chiropractor. I cold-called her and went to her with a business plan of how I could help her. Little did I know that a few months later she would begin using the LIMU products and become a Promoter. What an example of “don’t panic about change, because the road may lead you to a better path!”
I saw her having results quickly, so I did my research and decided to become a LIMU Promoter. If I could work just a few extra hours a week, create income and still be home to take care of my family, it would be perfect. I found the money to enroll and I had my Fast Track Pack money back that first month! The second month, I qualified for my BMW, and a year later I was a brand new 50K! Since then, what has happened in my life is amazing … let’s just say I smile for real. For the first time in my life. I have found a place where I can just be ME, and that is beginning to spread into the other areas of my life.
Gary Raser said to “make my mess my message,” and I know I have years of bad habits that hold me back, but I am still having success. I’m not hiding in the back anymore and I know I am helping other people when I reach out to them with the LIMU Experience. I have seen amazing health changes in my family and extended family, and financial changes for the better!
I love LIMU for many reasons: our team of people having life changes, the opportunity to excel, the hope that I am changing my family’s future, that the pile of debt will be conquered. Most importantly, my babies will grow up with a mom who believes in herself, and  that she is more than enough. I was expected to fail in every area of my life, but I am going to overcome. I’m not the only one that others have judged as an “underdog.” Watch for me and my team, because we have heart, and we know the power of the LIMU Experience.
My name is Amy Wagner and I am LIMU!