What determines how much influence you have in an online environment? Consider it a function of many factors: the social media following you have on your preferred platform(s), your industry expertise, the authority you demonstrate in the content you share, your own personality, your publishing reach, and the thought leadership you exert. Influencers are experts with online megaphones to elevate conversations to wider, more targeted audiences. With the endless stream of information out there, everyone is looking for content that is actionable, credible and powerful.
It’s your ideas, generosity and willingness to take risks that people gravitate to and want to learn from. Learning to become an influencer seems rather simple in theory, but you have to actually put in the work and have something interesting to say. It’s important to build a personal brand that is authentic and transparent. Above all else, be true to yourself and your audience. That’s why they come to you.
You need a recipe for capitalizing on relevance, resonance and reach from your audience to lead the crowd, not just follow. Influence is not something you can “win” or “lose” — it’s more of a journey. Today we set you out on your own path of influence. Here are our four tips on how to be a rock star influencer!

1. Content is King

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Focus on quality and get into a schedule of maintaining that quality. From there, you’ll be more receptive to building an audience that cares about what you share. You need to make content that will resonate with people on a gut level — not just me too content. Share your ‘Why’ and your how-tos, but do so in a way that respects the nuances, cadence and language of the platform. Communication works very differently on each social network, so take some time to learn the rhythm and rules of each. Content is king, but context is queen.

2. Always Add Value

A funny thing happens when you provide a ton of value upfront — you basically guilt people into buying whatever it is you’re selling. It’s about creating great content that solves pain points. Work on building content that is global and engaged. Become the best answer for what you want to be influential about, and break through the digital noise out by being unique. You need to be more than great; you need to stand out. Find ways to encourage, empower, and inspire your team and growing digital audience so they’re equipped to succeed on their own. Channel your inner, Gary J. Raser!

3. Be Seen

Make sure you have a presence on the social platforms your audience or target demo live on. Create profiles and craft a cohesive digital persona with a consistent drip of content and conversation. Interact with others, learn their needs and help them! Make sure you are part of the conversation, or even better, leading the conversation. Offer to do livestreams or live events, giving you the chance to share your knowledge in a more intimate setting. Remember, with influence comes responsibility. If you’re not part of the moment, you cannot influence it.

4. Be a Passionate Visionary

The more you pursue your passion, the more compelling it will be when you share your story. It’s about conveying your message in a way that allows other people to see it in their imagination as well. Your enthusiasm for your business can be contagious to others. It’s about giving much more than you take, and always looking to be of service to everyone you meet.
If you want to be connected, make yourself worth connecting to. The more people there are talking about your personal brand, the more likely it is people will find out about you. You’ll gain new audiences in a variety of places traditional marketing wouldn’t hit. This can be an effective way to stand out in a sea of content.
It’s a journey, and every step counts.