I am Ashley Paulsen and this is my LIMU Experience.

As I sit here and begin to write my LIMU story, I can’t help but take myself and my thoughts back to LIMU LIVE in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines stood on stage with a white piece of paper, a story that will be awarded with the next awesome prize. We listened quietly as he began reading … and with the very first sentence, my eyes teared up. I knew, I just knew. I quickly got my phone out to record Rowdy reading this amazing story, recording with quivery arms and happy tears. He read a whole story about the most important person in my entire existence, a single mom who had never given up hope for her family or for herself, always placed them first, and always provided guidance and love; a person of strength and encouragement, and a strong believer in LIMU. This story was my mother’s story. This story was my story growing up, her story growing up, her passion, her life and her ever-giving love.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, fought it and then we found out her cancer was back and had spread to her lungs, her liver and her spine. The next few months were extremely hard as she underwent treatments and fought her fight once again. She still had LIMU earnings coming in to help pay for treatments and out of pocket costs, so money wasn’t something she had to stress about. Our family can thank LIMU for those deposits every week to help pay for these things that life unexpectedly throws at us sometimes.

She missed her first ever LIMU LIVE event in New Orleans. I was nervous to go without her by my side, accepting her $10,000 bonus check for reaching 100K was a special moment in my life that I will never forget. My mom was so proud of me that day! I still picture Ryan up on stage with Lisa’s “Fight” bracelet on his wrist.

My mother passed away later that month on June 27. She was an amazing person, a powerful leader, an inspiring soul and a giving person, which is exactly why she joined LIMU. A company that is filled with and surrounded by people with the same purpose. I joined her in our journey together with LIMU. Thank you to Gary and LIMU for creating something special for us to do together for the last year and a half of her life. She touched so many lives during her journey and LIMU is a huge part of that, and it allowed us to build relationships and connections with others to help better their lives.
After losing her fight in June, it was very hard for me to get past my biggest life hurdle. But I chose to step up and continue this business for her and for myself, continuing her legacy with the amazing team she had already created. This could have been a time for me to step away, but I chose to create and continue her legacy with LIMU and bless other people’s lives in her honor. Her website is actually called “Lisa’s Legacy.” She loved LIMU through and through as many of us do in this room.
Sometimes you must step up, face your fears, be brave, and keep grinding! I always think to myself how cool it would be to have Rowdy read my story someday like he once read my mother’s.
The LIMU Experience not only creates a community for those around us, it also creates community for those we love and care about!

Now I’m also building leaders within my own team, leaders who want the same exact thing I do. I will conquer the world in my mother’s honor and continue to make her proud. She always said LIMU will be a household name and I will continue my LIMU journey until it is so. At the last LIMU LIVE in New Orleans, Ryan mentioned when I accepted her check that Lisa would be at the next event. She is here today Ryan, she is with us every day because that’s the legacy she left behind. 100K Lisa Wandler — you are missed and loved beyond words!
I am Ashley Paulsen and I AM LIMU!