I am Bree Lokers, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I joined LIMU in October 2016 as a 26-year-old mother of three beautiful daughters. I have been blessed to stay home full time, while also attending the University of Redlands in California. It is a privilege that many mothers and fathers are not afforded these days and I do not take that for granted. My husband, who also joined LIMU, works long, hard and often dangerous hours as a police officer and in the United States Marine Corps.
Since I have only been working with the company for a few months, I don’t really have a lot of time yet to amplify my LIMU Experience resume. But in just those few months, LIMU has given me a life much more rich than the extra cash it has already put in my pocket! I want to share just one of my reasons for joining LIMU. You see, I am an avid fitness enthusiast and I work out five to six days a week; it has become a part of my everyday life.
Back in 2005, I tore my meniscus, but my parents did not have the insurance to have it looked at by a doctor, so I lived out the remainder of that volleyball season in the physical therapy office at school. Without a proper diagnosis, we had no idea the extent of the trauma to my knee. It was not until several years later in an MRI scan that the doctor told me I had an old tear.
Flash forward to 2016 and that old tear has hindered my progress greatly on my fitness journey. For me who has fallen completely in love with health and fitness, it was a huge deal. The old injury limited me and doctors told me that I MUST cut back to two to three days at most. For me, that wasn’t something I could do, so I continued my near-daily routine, causing further injury.
Eventually, I had to take three weeks off to let my knee rest, but I was impatient and growing hopeless. I had wanted to turn my fitness passion into a career, but I was seeing that slip away with the increase in pain. While I was resting my knee, I was introduced to LIMU. I immediately began drinking all the LIMU products every day. But it was LIMU ORIGINAL that gave me something back that I never expected. Because I experienced less inflammation, I was starting to do everything painlessly in the gym! I credit LIMU for helping me begin to reach goals that were once a just a dream.
I am now eagerly waiting for training to become a BodyCombat certified instructor. That will allow me to combine my personal story and outright love for LIMU in order to grow my LIMU business. I honestly can’t wait to see where this amazing company continues to take me! From the truly amazing products, to the wonderful friends and LIMU family, I feel so welcomed and the extra cash I have earned makes me feel so blessed to share LIMU with every person I meet. I am excited for my time here with LIMU to blossom and prove that every great journey begins with a little story.
Thank you LIMU for blessing me with the freedom to live a limitless life!