So, how do you speak to someone new about one of LIMU’s most successful and innovative products? It’s a recipient of numerous impressive awards and contains a revolutionary formula, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for LIMU LEAN BURN. The biggest challenge just might be deciding where to start!
To help you out, here are some key topics to remember when introducing or talking about LIMU LEAN BURN:
Healthy Ingredients
With over twenty different vitamins and minerals, 20g of premium protein, LIMU’s proprietary limu seaweed extract and 7g soluble of fiber, BURN is an excellent choice for anyone needing a nutritious option to curb their appetite. Very few canned beverages complement healthier lifestyles the way BURN does!
Accelerating Weight Loss
With so many natural ingredients, BURN’s hunger-fighting formula is expertly designed to act as a healthy, weight-conscious alternative to snacking that will help accelerate weight loss and reduce body fat. By replacing unhealthy snacks or junk food with BURN, you will be one step closer to being in the shape you want!
Energy Boosting
Each can is power-packed with 20g of premium protein and 100mg of natural caffeine to promote sustained energy for your busy day. By adding an extra kick to your daily energy, you will be readier than ever to begin exercising or simply get more done.
Accolades and Recognition
LIMU LEAN BURN is the recipient of coveted awards such as the People’s Choice for Best New Consumer Product at the 2016 American Business Awards, and is recognized by Graphic Design USA’s 2016 American Package Design Awards. Just carrying a can in your hand or popping the top at the gym is sure to spark conversations because of it’s build and sleek look!
As the perfect drink to enjoy between meals as a snack replacement, you can fit BURN into your busy schedule anytime — after breakfast, before dinner or whenever you choose. Intergrade BURN into your daily active routine to get #LEANin2017!
BURN’s dynamic packaging design lets it fit into any compartment, bag or purse, allowing you to take it anywhere you need to stave off cravings and get a boost of healthy energy.
There you have it! You have the facts and you know which topics matter when talking about LIMU LEAN BURN. Now it’s time to start telling more people about it and share it everywhere!


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