Having and implementing a social selling plan is no longer optional for your LIMU business. It’s a powerful concept that can help sell your ideas, establish credibility, attract talent and win customers. Social media is an incredibly rewarding arena for selling products and building up your business; you only need to have a thoughtful, engaging strategy to make the most of it.
The concept behind social selling is simple: use your reputation and presence on social media to influence your network to take action. Just as someone would shop your IAMLIMU.com website or attend an Experience party, you must take action to truly see how effective social selling can be. Consider this: word-of-mouth advertising is the oldest, most effective form of advertising. Social media is word-of-mouth at scale, and the gateway to one-on-one relationships.

According to Deloitte, the average American looks at his or her phone 46 times a day.

Here we have five tactics you need to implement to take advantageinto your social selling strategy to grow your LIMU business:

Share your ‘Why’

Share your ‘Why’, your personal motivator for success. First, start thinking of yourself as a brand. As your story unfolds, it’ll emotionally connect your audience. Sharing your ‘Why’ will position your brand to attract customers and people who relate to you and are interested in becoming a part of your LIMU team. It’s important to adopt this mindset early on.

93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media.


Nurture your relationships

People want to invest in, work for and partner with professionals they know and trust. Nurturing relationships takes time and calls for authenticity at all times. Deepen your relationships; the keys to selling anything – includes having strong credibility. It’s important to understand that real-world principles apply online. Be human. Respond to people. Care. Go deep in the comments and in your private messages. Depth is always greater than width. Casting a wide net is a poor strategy and builds zero loyalty.

Businesses miss out on 40% more sales and engagement per year by not responding to social platform comments and queries.


Keep it consistent

Be dependable with your content. Regularly creating and sharing content your network craves is important for building an engaged following. Act with purpose when deciding what content to post. Also, tap into your own audience to find user-generated content to share, too! Content should absorb and mold your audience and do one (or all of) of three things: inform, entertain, inspire.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads..


Connect the dots

Represent your brand! By sharing certain content from your everyday experiences, you can establish a connection with you and the product. Document your time when you’re at events, on rewards trips and on how you use your LIMU products in your everyday life. It is lifestyle content that’ll connect the dots for your network — and it’s a great way to connect with your audience.

Document, don’t create. You can’t make the perfect thing, so don’t try. Show your journey. Stop strategizing. Start doing.


Build your squad with knowledge

Take time to go over which tactics and resources were successful in selling products and converting prospects into Promoters. And share these with your team. Focus on teaching those skills that are effective. As a leader, you must be willing to help your team have big success. This holds true in most business models, but it is especially true in network marketing. Don’t stop growing. Don’t stop teaching. You and your team are either developing, or you are all digressing. As they say, knowledge is power.
Social selling is your ability to listen to those conversations, engage your audience on topics that are of interest, and to provide great content on a subject that will ultimately lead someone to do business with you. Social media is a great place to develop those true business relationships. Inform, educate and influence prospects and existing clients. Social selling is the opportunity to elevate the salesperson to trusted advisor and friend. Remember, success with social selling will directly benefit your entire organization.