I am David Ellgen and this is my LIMU Experience.

Like most people, I grew up wanting more than what was readily available to me. When I was in junior high, I wanted to be a professional football player. I worked hard to attain that goal but in the end, God had other plans for my life. In my early twenties, I wanted to make money and have a nice girlfriend. Again, hard work and dedication proved not enough to grant me what my heart longed for so badly.
At 25, I went back to school to finish a college degree in the one area of my life that seemed to make sense. I wanted to help those who were less fortunate, those who knew they were lost and needed help getting back on track. While it took seven years to finish my degree, I learned how to persevere through tough times in new and meaningful ways. I entered the world of public social work full of hope and excitement for what the future would hold. But after three years of doing what I had dreamed of for years, I was honestly tired, uninspired and depressed.
One evening in 2015, I was introduced to the LIMU Experience for the first time. While excited, I had heard about “things like this” before and just wanted to go home. But my wife was excited and signed us both up for Fast Track Packs as she told me that I didn’t have to do anything. For the first week, I drank LIMU mostly because we had paid for it and I didn’t want it to go to waste.
My dream job had become a nightmare and at a LIMU family dinner, I finally embraced the LIMU Experience — the whole thing! It is not just about a product or a business. It is about being more, living more and offering the same to others  to people who are wandering and, as Gary Raser says, trying to make it to Friday. After talking it over with my wife, I resigned from my job to pursue more and be more!

In just six months of drinking LIMU and falling in love with BURN, I had lost 25 pounds!

Now my dream of being more is growing. Our wonderful LIMU family have given us a community that inspires us and lets us live out the qualities we hold dear. My wife is back to living, laughing and loving again. I want to continue to share the blessings of the LIMU Experience with others, but not just to bless people with an amazing product or a compensation package with a BMW. I want others to see that more is possible! I long for people to feel a passion to bless those searching for more!
Deep inside each one of us is a desire for more. For years I thought sports, money and a career would fill mine. But they all came up short. LIMU offers more than a product and more than a business, it offers a family! A whole family that wants more and offers more to those around them!
I am Dave Ellgen and I am LIMU for life!