Want to know a secret that will make your business successful? Treat all your customers like goldfish!

“If you treat everybody like it’s one [huge] ocean and there’s lots of fish, you may focus on the whales, and some of the tiger sharks. But, if you treated every person that you do business with or every client you have as a goldfish … you will be in a totally different place … if you treat everyone like a goldfish, you will have a bigger business.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

The goldfish strategy is about differentiation via added value. You can’t treat every customer the same. Goldfish come in infinite varieties of sizes, shapes and colors, just like each of your customers, so you must learn how to care for them individually. If the size of the bowl is your market, it is very important to maintain a healthy tank. Yet, so many goldfish keepers still tend to make the mistake of grouping their customers aka their “goldfish” the same.

You mustn’t make this mistake. Each fish wants to feel like the most special fish in your bowl; they need your appreciation, and to be cared for. But how do you purposely stand out in a sea of sameness? Listen more and talk less. In growing your business, you’ll come to realize each individual has their own needs and wants to be recognized; people need to know you care. Treating your customers as individuals will make a huge difference in the success of your continuously growing business.

Remember: Goldfish can live very long lives, but only if they are taken care of properly. Learn how to keep your goldfish happy with these tips.

Stay Loyal

The concept of trust and loyalty shows how each person is important. If you want your customers to be loyal to you, you need to be loyal to each one. Does appreciating each person to the best of your ability really make a difference? More than you can imagine. When you recognize each customer at every contact point, in every medium used, this sets the tone for future business interactions. Be clear on your intentions, words and actions. Focus on the customer. Product, communication, and relationships can’t just end with the customer; they have to be top-down and all the way through. At the end of the day, how you treat the one customer says so much about you and your business.


It’s the best marketing strategy ever. You’ve got to understand what best suits your customers. You must be in touch with each of their needs and know what drives them to better their life. Most people are thinking about the money first, but aren’t focused on being of service to others. When you chase money from your customers, you’re always going to lose. Focus on providing more for your customer. Who’s feeding them? Who’s cleaning their tank? All your customers’ needs are different, so you need to make sure you assess each customer individually. Strike up conversations with them to discover precisely what they want and ways to deliver it. In this business, you must always be a giver, not a taker. Learn how to answer this ONE question to blow your LIMU business up: “how is the LIMU Experience going to help me?” This is the first thing a prospect is going to want to know when they come to one of your parties and, because of that, it is the most important question you will ever have to answer.

Go the Extra Mile

Now think back: when you had a goldfish growing up, you would go out your way to make your goldfish happy, adding plants, stones and ornaments for your fish to swim around. Your goldfish appreciated it. Just like your childhood pet, people always appreciate when you go above and beyond to make their experience that much better. People are impacted by warmth, friendliness, cheerfulness, and helpfulness. It doesn’t matter what you offer or what you sell, just be sure it addresses a real customer need –– and deliver it in a way that shows the customer just how really important he/she is to you. People like doing business with a brand they connect with personally. They want to feel like they can trust you. Going the extra mile will always result in a happy customer, and it can also go a long way in terms of keeping your business on their radar for future opportunities.

In the end, if you take the time to really learn the fundamentals of caring for your “goldfish,” you will see growth. The more you love them, the more content they will be. Targeting one person at a time and being patient can pay off. In the process, you will always earn a loyal customer. If you want to reach and gain the 99, treat them each like the one. Everyone needs their elbow room! “Goldfish” are no exception. Your business, all the people you work with, and all your customers will thank you for it. Are you prepared to give your goldfish what they need to thrive?