The mobile app market is jam-packed with millions of apps, with new ones being released all the time. Most of us are familiar with the most popular social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, but what about the other social apps that can provide real value for your LIMU business?

There are some surprisingly useful social app options available that you’ve very likely never heard of, but we’re here to enlighten you with seven of our favorite to help plus-up your digital storytelling and content marketing.

1. Boomerang

BoomerangWith Boomerang, you can turn everyday moments into fun, entertaining short video clips that loop back and forth. After connecting the app to Instagram and Facebook, upload the videos directly to your Instagram and Facebook account through Boomerang, or add it to your Instagram Story. The Boomerang app is available to try on both iOS and Android.

2. Hootsuite Enhance

Hootsuite EnhanceHootsuite Enhance is an iPhone app that makes it simple to source, edit and optimize photos for sharing on your favorite social media platforms. The app provides a range of useful and exciting tools to choose from, including effects, filters and fonts. It features an intuitive, icon-based interface that enables you to effortlessly edit photos from anywhere.

3. Canva

CanvaWith just the tap of a finger, you can now produce stunning social media graphics and save them straight to your phone. What began as a website to make graphic design simple for everyone, is now an innovative app available for iOS users. This revolutionary app offers stylish templates, stock images, color pickers, fonts and more!

4. Daycap

DaycapThe Daycap app provides a fresh approach to generating eye-catching social media posts for promoting your LIMU business. Daycap creates fun GIFs from the photos you’ve snapped throughout your day (burst mode FTW!) that you can easily share to Instagram. You can find and download Daycap in the App Store.

5. Instagram Layout

LayoutUsing Layout from Instagram, you can remix up to nine of your photos at a time to create cool, engaging collages. With a simple to use interface, this app allows you to drag and drop, save your customized photos and share them with your followers. It’s available for both iOS and Android users.

6. Ripl

RiplRipl allows you to create custom animated posts in seconds and share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Its business-friendly features include custom post designs, drag and drop editing, animated collages and slideshows, one-tap sharing, and success tracking. Building your personal brand and LIMU business with tools like Ripl gives your followers the opportunity to share your story in all new ways without a professional video editor.

7. Buffer

BufferWith so many apps and new trends, managing your social media accounts may be overwhelming at times. Buffer is a great tool that allows you to write multiple posts at one time and then choose which social platforms to publish them on. It also helps you spread them out throughout the day or week by scheduling each post.


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