I am an optometrist in a small town and am blessed to practice in my family’s clinic that my dad started many years ago. My husband is in golf sales and covers the territory of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. When we were introduced to LIMU by Dr. Alley Meredith, I immediately saw the health benefits and was excited to help my patients by sharing LIMU with them.
At first I started a healthy office challenge and encouraged the office staff to get healthy. Over time, my family, my patients and I were all experiencing an increased. It’s truly amazing the results that can come from giving your body the perfect fuel filled with nutrition.
I am a true believer that blessings are returned when you put others first. We have been building a wonderful team and helping others with their health and finances. After four months of sharing LIMU and working with our team, we qualified for the LIMU BMW Club.
My husband had a Ford Escape which he used for making his sales calls in the tristate area. Good bye Escape and hello BMW, paid for by LIMU!
I am Dr. Patricia Bell and I am LIMU!!