These are only a few of the words used by 200K Andrea Rosser when describing her all-expenses-paid LIMU LIVE! Dream Trip to Las Vegas with her husband, Corey. For Andrea, winning this trip was a truly surprise after submitting her story.

“Well, goodness, it sounds cheesy but it was very surreal. I encouraged my team to submit their stories, and I didn’t want to be hypocritical. I just wrote what was going on with my life, but I didn’t think it was anything worthy of winning.”

“I didn’t know a Las Vegas like we went to with LIMU even existed before,” said Andrea as she arrived in Sin City. “I had been to that town before, but not like that. The whole trip from start to finish was phenomenal.”

Andrea & Corey Rosser at the Bellagio

Upon entering the luxurious hotel provided by LIMU, Andrea was in absolute wonder. “First thing, we get to the Bellagio and there’s this huge line. I had never even been in the lobby of a hotel like that. It’s huge and it’s gorgeous. There’s art on the floors, ceilings, and everywhere. There’s this huge line, but then they told us we don’t have to wait in line, and quickly ushered us to a special, luxury area to check in VIP-style.”

Andrea & Corey Rosser in their luxurious suite at the BellagioBut that wasn’t even the beginning, as they hadn’t entered their room yet!

“When we got into the room and were blown away. It was actually the same size if not bigger than my home! There were three bathrooms, a jacuzzi tub and a TV at the foot of the bed that came up and down with the push of a button. There was even an aquarium built into it! The shades also opened and closed with the push of a button, and the window overlooked the Vegas skyline.”

The magnificent view from their room allowed them to see the city a whole new way. “It was all very classy and we drank our LIMU ORIGINAL out of champagne glasses!”

The most memorable part of their trip also came on their first day!

“We went on a helicopter tour, which is something I never thought I would try in my entire life. The best experience so far, besides my wedding day and giving birth. We had the best pilot and I’m even friends with her now.”

They were able to explore the Grand Canyon in ways people only dream of!

“The helicopter flew us through the canyon and when it landed there was a perfect little picnic set up for us. We went into the canyon and flew back out at sunset which was absolutely breathtaking. That was just the first day!”

Andrea & Corey Rosser's Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

One of the most exciting aspects of Vegas are their exciting live shows, and this particular show did not disappoint.

“The next day they picked us up in a limo and took us to an event. We attended the Cirque du Soleil “O” show which was a water show featuring acrobats, swimmers and divers. We sat in the front row and were splashed with water, that’s how close we were. We had never been to a show like that before!”

“We also never ate such incredible food like we did there, and we paid for it all with cash that was given to us. Top to bottom, everything was first-class.”

Ultimately, this trip helped Andrea Rosser appreciate her LIMU Experience from an all-new and awe-inspiring perspective.

Andrea Rosser poolside at the Bellagio with her BLU FROG 2“I feel like I’ve loved LIMU since the first LIMU LIVE! But what the trip changed in my mind, was realizing how much the corporate team cares about the Promoters. Even if the trip had been five levels below what it was, I still would have been blown away. But LIMU took the time to organize unforgettable activities and create such an adventure that we would have never otherwise experienced.”

Not only did she walk away with one of the most memorable experiences of her life, but she also learned to incorporate it into building her team.

“LIMU can impact every area of your life. It’s not just a business, paycheck or product. It’s a lifestyle and life changing! Being able to share the story of what LIMU had done for us really helped show my team what this can be. It doesn’t have to be something small, it can be something huge.”