In the first President’s Call of 2017, LIMU Founder, President and CEO Gary J. Raser had a very clear message: “Master the basics! Get back to the basics to build your business” Now you have the tools and resources to improve and benefit your growing team right from the start of their LIMU journey!
The recorded President’s Call is available now! Listen to the playback below for all the latest news and notes straight from the leader of LIMU Nation.


Meet LIMU University — Your New Virtual Training Center for New Promoters

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Before diving into the importance of the basic fundamentals, Gary took a few moments to recognize the impressive accomplishments of LIMU Promoters around the globe. Here are some of the highlights.

Congratulations to these Promoters who made serious waves last month! Great job, LIMU team!

Welcome to the LIMU BMW CLUB

LIMU prides itself on speeding Promoters toward success — that means a paid-for black BMW of your choice! We’re all about giving you outward, visible signs of success — conversation starters … to make growing your business easy. Congratulations to the newest LIMU BMW CLUB qualifiers for achieving the rank of 20K!

  • James & Rhonda Arnold – Missouri
  • Arturo Elías Sánchez Benites – Mexico
  • Cynthia Thompson – South Dakota

  • Build for Events Every Day

    In order to have master-level success, you have to build for events every single day. How do you do that? Well, by conducting and organizing small scale events on a consistent daily basis. That includes two-way or three-way calls, plus local Experience parties and coffee shop meet-ups with prospects. Team calls are also great opportunity for friends to hear inspiring, yet relatable, stories of others having success. You can also plug into LIMU Experience parties featuring special guests like top field leaders or corporate staff, like Senior Vice President Ryan Barson who travels to key markets frequently. Leveraging these events is key to getting the support you need to build belief and help grow your team. Small events lead to big events and it’s important to maximize the run up to our massive, corporately-sponsored LIMU LIVE! parties and annual International Convention.


    On the Road to Arlington

    For the first time ever, Gary will also be presenting his popular “Straight Talk” training to all attendees, of any pin rank, at LIMU LIVE! Arlington. Seating is limited, so hurry and reserve your spot now for this historic two-hour training with the leader of LIMU Nation! Bring a guest and pack it out! This could be the turning point in your business.

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    Send Us Your Story!

    Have a life-changing LIMU Experience story you’d like to share? Submit yours today! The most impactful and inspiring stories could earn you incredible prizes at LIMU LIVE!, like a shopping spree or even an all-expense-paid dream trip! LIMU is the only company in the world that pays you for your own personal story and we’ve already given away over $18 million dollars in prizes, products, trips and cash in just the last few years alone!

    If you’ve already submitted your story and haven’t won, update it and submit it again! Stories change over time as your LIMU Experience evolves, so refresh yours and send it to us! We read every single one.