I am Glen Tidd, and this is my LIMU Experience.

With LIMU I have my passion back, I have my ‘Why’ back, and I have what I have been searching for all these years. November 17, 2016 marks the day my life changed forever. That’s the day that I joined LIMU!
But let’s rewind before then.
For as long as I can remember, I have always told myself that there has to be a better way! A better way to live! I refused to think that I had to just trade time for money to pay bills.
I tried so many things, but none of my efforts yielded the results I wanted. That included spending $40,000 obtaining my education and opening an auto repair business that gave little profit.
Then I realized that I enjoyed helping people and seeing them smile, but was unsure how to incorporate that into bettering my life at the same time. My search continued until February 15, 2014 when, after six years of battling brain cancer, my mom passed away and everything came to a halt. My mom and I were SO close and when she passed I was devastated to say the least. My thought process from then on was simply empty.
I eventually stopped speaking to people. I didn’t want to leave home. I didn’t care about my degree anymore and found myself increasingly hating my job each day.
But then came LIMU!

My good friend, Deryl Ames, had proposed that I should try LIMU. I was very skeptical, but he was a convincing person and I trusted him very much. I began my LIMU Experience and I must tell you, this company is truly changing my life!

After just 30 days, most of my family was drinking LIMU! The financial part is getting bigger every day and I know that if I keep going, I will get to where I want to be! I want to retire from my job and help people that need LIMU in their lives full time! I get to do what my mom would have been proud of me for doing!
I know I am already a winner for joining this company and I am forever grateful to God, Deryl Ames, my beautiful wife Brittney and everyone in my LIMU family!

I am Glen Tidd and I am LIMU for life!