Ever have a really great song stuck in your head? It’s never just the lyrics alone bouncing around in there, but the words taking the shape of a melody. There’s something to be learned from that observation, which is that context is always key to making a strong impression. People hear your music, not your words, so make sure to give them something to really hang on to when sharing your Experience or the details of upcoming events.
Flat self-promotion rarely, if ever, goes over well and your audience will see right through it. Don’t just publish a LIMUPOST.com event flyer without providing a ‘Why’ for attending. Make people understand that this is a can’t-miss event. Let them know about any featured guests, top Promoters, upline leaders or corporate staff that will be there to provide support and help grow their teams. You are a LIMU Promoter, not an informer, so focus on promoting the business and its values.
If you simply create a graphic or social media post and throw it out there, that’s the equivalent of shouting out into the darkness in the hopes that someone’s listening. We want to go beyond just that, going from simply telling people when and where an event is to actually giving them a reason for being there. The specifics of it will become that tune in their head.

Lead with Passion

One of the keys to developing a successful team is having an effective leader to build it around. This also means practicing the qualities that will continually improve your leadership skills and guide others to do the same. What is one of those main qualities? Passion! Life is all about passion. It’s about how much you want out of life, and how much you’re willing to work for it. To take the initiative and to Be more. It’s your passion that creates a brand-new lifestyle. As an effective leader, your mission should be to ignite that same passion within each member of your team.

Give Them a ‘Why’

People want to be inspired to follow a vision. It’s your job to give that to them. Are you talking to them or at them? If all we’re saying is to come join us at a party, then you’re not giving them the ‘Why’; why they should come to that event or party. “Hey everybody, you don’t want to miss this and here’s why.” What we offer at LIMU is so much more than just events. We offer a way to live better, look better and feel better. These aren’t just words; we stand behind them and mean it. Those are some of the thoughts and things that you want to express in your promotion. Give people examples of how LIMU has changed lives and give them a reason to find out more.

Leverage Experience Parties

LIMU events, such as in-home LIMU Experience parties, are the best places to expose prospects to the ‘Why’ that is critical to building their belief level. Bringing guests to these events is key to gaining the support you need to build belief and help grow your team. That way, they will hear not only from you, but also from other Promoters who can thereby provide third party credibility and validation. An important objective of LIMU parties is to deliver motivation and inspiration. Like many of our field leaders say, “If you had a bad week, you need a LIMU Experience party. If you had a good week, the LIMU Experience party needs you.”

Share the Story

Talk about the leaders who are coming to the event and the special opportunity of hearing the LIMU Experience from successful people of many different backgrounds. You want potential prospects to hear from someone who’s had a phenomenal experience with LIMU. It comes down to stories. We want people to be able to hear stories from real people. Let them hear others’ backgrounds and stories that can illustrate the diversity of people in LIMU while giving them the opportunity to identify with them. You don’t have to overdo it, but you want to give people a reason to fill the room. We hold parties to give people an opportunity to ultimately learn more about the LIMU Experience and enroll as Promoters. Stories are the perfect way to help accomplish that.

Make Real Connections

We tend to get engaged in social media platforms like Facebook and think that’s where the story ends, that it’s all we need to do. Simply posting a graphic on Facebook is not how you effectively promote an Experience party. It goes so much further than that. Next time, instead of just messaging a person via Facebook or text, try giving them a phone call. Personally extend the invitation over the phone. And if you have an opportunity to do so face-to-face, that’s even better! But don’t just inform and tell people you’re having an opportunity, tell them why they need to come.
Make it something like, “Hey Sally, we have one of our top income earners from LIMU speaking at this event. This is someone who just a few years ago was unhappy with his lifestyle, who has since changed his future and changed his life. He’s going to be here to tell his story and share his Experience. He will show you how he made these positive changes, so believe me, you don’t want to miss it!”
We encourage each and every one of you to not just be an informer, but a Promoter! It will make all the difference in your business.