I am Jamie Sanchez, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I joined LIMU just over a year ago after attending a LIMU Experience party that I was initially not thrilled about going to. I had been to other company parties before and hated feeling the shame of not being able to afford buying anything from my friends. After listening to Amanda Cassidy, she was ready to pack up and move on! I thought to myself, “Is that it?” There was no pressure to buy anything, and everything she said seemed to make perfect sense in my eyes! She knew what she had in her hands and now I did, too!
I had struggled as a single mom of one, and over the course of several years, ended up in a failed marriage with a total of four kids! I knew I had to pick myself back up, so I went back to school, earned my GED and took several different classes to learn the skills I needed to provide a better life for my kids. Working graveyard shifts and sleeping here and there throughout the daytime was not easy. I was tired! I needed a better way, but at that time, it was the only life I knew. If only I had known back then what I know now about LIMU!
I believe that everything happens for a reason though and I believe the struggles of my past are necessary to prepare me for what I encounter in my future. We have an amazing gift at LIMU, and I’ve received most of my AutoShip for free and had some tax advantages along the way as well. Not to mention there are the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity of meeting and calling my LIMU family! I have even come out of my shell quite a bit.

Now I’m speaking and reaching out to new people I would have probably never spoken to in the past.

I’ve also witnessed how the LIMU Experience has helped my mother, sister, boyfriend and so many others, including myself! I’ve seen a community that has come together, a support system to lean on when we get discouraged and friends to celebrate with when we see our businesses growing and having success! To me, saying you don’t have the time for LIMU is like saying you don’t have time to dream, because as busy as we all are, we all have a dream! LIMU can make those dreams a reality!
I am Jamie Sanchez, and I am LIMU!