When I signed up as a Promoter in August 2016, I had a good job but I was searching for more in life. I knew that LIMU was a great company with a good business plan and awesome products, but I had no idea just how amazing it truly was.
The longer my wife, Terrica, and I used LIMU products, the more we realized how much it did for our health and the health of our family. As we promoted LIMU, the more our team grew, and we experienced the endless benefits of working for a company that cares for others the way that LIMU does.
We loved the fact that the improvements in our lives were noticed by so many that we knew, and we loved sharing the LIMU Experience with them even more! We also treasured the new friendships that we were able to make along the way.
After just three months, we qualified for the LIMU BMW CLUB, and members of our team are already eyeing their own Black BMW. In just a short period, we also started improving the lives of so many in an area that previously knew nothing of LIMU. Now that we are driving around a BMW that LIMU is paying for, we can only imagine how many more lives we will touch with these awesome products and this great opportunity.
We are Joey and Terrica Stover, and we are LIMU!