I am John Dear and this is LIMU Experience:

I have been in the Health Insurance Industry for nearly three decades and I had built a great business with a great six-figure income. When Health Care Reform was passed, it changed the way Health Care is delivered, and I saw my income going away much faster than it took to build. I had to make some changes and find a way to replace my lost income.
So, I bought a dump truck and started back in the construction industry, hauling dirt and gravel. It was tough getting back into this line of work, since I’m much older than before. There aren’t a lot of opportunities in Corporate America for someone my age starting a new career. I told my wife I didn’t know how long I’d be able to continue driving my truck every day. The long hours were hard on me but I had no choice.
My prayers were answered when a long-time friend came and shared his LIMU Experience with me. That was the day my life changed. I saw a great business opportunity and an opportunity to help others by sharing my LIMU Experience, and creating a healthier lifestyle while earning extra income.
I was shown how I could weave LIMU into my daily schedule on a part-time basis, earning extra income and creating a healthier lifestyle for me and my family with the wonderful products.
Joining LIMU has completely changed my life. I have had a tremendous change with better health using the LIMU Products. It’s so easy to share my LIMU Experience with others because of my own better health and financial peace of mind. LIMU ORIGINAL has been a miracle for myself and my family. I reached 20K in just ten weeks sharing LIMU on a part-time basis, now LIMU pays for me to drive a BMW! Wow, what a blessing!

I am excited to share my LIMU experience with others and see the positive change it brings them.

It is a true blessing to be part of the LIMU family, helping so many others. LIMU is a financial blessing backed by great products that allow all of us to Be More!
I’m John Dear, and I am LIMU!