We are John and Loretta Miller, and this is our LIMU Experience.

It started with one bottle of LIMU. Yes, one bottle of LIMU ORIGINAL changed our family’s lives, as we knew we had in our hands a super food. Everything began when my husband had a wisdom tooth removed and suffered a serious infection. He thought, “Maybe LIMU can help.”
I didn’t go along with him when he went to my cousin’s house to order LIMU. He came home and told me he ordered the Fast Track Pack for $499.00! That was a lot of money for this contractor and his family. At times, making a living was tough, and keeping money in savings became a challenge! I didn’t want to sell anything! I was a busy mother of seven kids, six of them still at home. I wasn’t excited about the business and stuck the box of information in our den. Well, I didn’t know then what I know now! My husband kept drinking LIMU ORIGINAL, along with BLU FROG.
Later, we listened to a conference call and that is when I heard the whole story for the first time. When I heard we could earn a free BMW, I thought, “We want to drink it anyway. Why not get paid, plus get the car?” Besides, who can keep quiet about such an awesome opportunity? The kids and I started drinking it as well, and had so many great health results, plus got paid!
My husband lost 18 pounds in three months with LIMU LEAN. When BURN was launched, I lost 10 pounds myself drinking both LIMU LEAN and BURN. What a blessing!! “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale
In August 2016, I won four bags of LIMU LEAN for submitting my favorite LIMU LEAN recipe! I was very surprised and so excited! Thank you, LIMU! Then we were tied as second-place winners in Tommy Liles’ team for signing up the most new LIMU Promoters during the last two weeks in October 2016. Thank you to our team, to Tommy Liles, and to Shannon and Rachettee Pardue. We couldn’t do it without them.
LIMU LIVE! in Memphis 2016 was the ninth LIMU LIVE! we’ve attended, but this was our first time having guests or team members attend! Our goal is for my husband to retire from construction work; for us to be debt free; and to be able to give more to our family, church and charities.

Our advice is to never give up! Never quit! Attend events, even if you have to go by yourself. The sky is the limit!

A huge thank you to Gary Raser for providing us with such an amazing product and awesome financial opportunity! Thank you to the great staff, too!
The friends we have made through LIMU are priceless!
We are John and Loretta Miller, and we are LIMU for life!